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for easy trailering and for a total   longer, the tank was enlarged by    check, the body panels were sent
            weight with car to be less than 4500  a small amount to eight gallons.    to Bryan Mahler at Paintworks
            lbs.  It was finished and delivered to  Finally, in March of 2017, the now   in St. Paul for paint that matched
            Rooman Motorsports late in 2016.     completed rolling chassis was        the original House of Kolor multi-
                                                 loaded into their new trailer and    color paint scheme.  The very nice
              In the meantime Roger Stanke
            and his sons worked on completion    taken to Roger Stanke’s shop in      cowl lettering was then done by
            of the blown and injected early      St. Paul where the initial engine    Scott Berosik in St. Paul.  Curt at
            model Chrysler hemi, which           block installation and fitting of    Creative Metal Works helped with
            features a special Crower cam,       major components would take          the final fitting of body panels and
            period-correct Enderle injectors,    place.  After that, everything would   Jenny at Upholstery by StitchBitch
            Brooks rods, Venolia pistons and     be taken apart for painting, plating   in Stillwater, Minnesota did
            a Crower three-disk pedal clutch     and upholstery.                      the seat upholstery and roll-bar
            & flywheel.  Don Ross, at his          Once at Stanke Motorsports,        padding.
            fabrication shop in Garland, Texas,   the engine was mounted and,
            made a set of custom 2½ inch         after the headers were checked
            headers that matched the original    for clearance, they were then sent
            set as well as the in-out box now    out to Raul Rivas at AAA Metal
            required for cackle cars.
                                                 Finishing in St. Paul for chrome.
              After most of the chassis had      With the installation of the blower
            been TIG welded, Keith Burgan        and injectors, the engine was
            began fabricating the shorty body,   then mounted in the chassis for a
            seat and gas tank, again, to closely   final check and to install the
            match the original.  Since cackling   throttle linkage and the
            normally involves running the car    fuel lines.  After a final

            Initial chassis and a 392 hemi engine block set up on the welding jig at Keith Burgan’s Rooman Motorsports.

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