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told Dennis that he wished there
            was something that would fit a lot
            better. At that point in time, the
            racing diaper business became
            a reality. Dennis created a well
            thought out and effective product
            for the sportsman racers. Dennis
            recalls that first one he made,
            “We built a diaper for Super Gas/
            Super Comp cars that fit correctly
            and specifically for those types of
            cars. It was thin, light weight and
            inexpensive. That’s how it all got
            started.” Prior to DRE, (Dennis
            Ridgeway Enterprises) many
            engine diapers were considered too
            bulky or ill fitting. He possessed
            much of the background knowledge
            needed from the upholstery
            business and surprisingly a fair
            amount of carry over knowledge                                                     The start of a standard
            from the hunting industry. Plus,                                                   sportsman diaper.
            with his understanding of drag
            racing he was able to grab the
            majority of market share of this
            newly formed sportsman diaper
            industry.  Dennis stated that he                                                   One of the DRE sewing
            did not develop the concept of the                                                 stations that is used to
            engine diaper but he did develop                                                   create the diapers.
            the concept of the Sportsman
            Diaper, which has kept him very
            busy ever since that first diaper was
            designed and built.

              It all began in a little shop with
            just a couple of guys mapping out
            and planning a product that would
            positively impact the safety and
            the downtime of the sport.  These
            benefits later caught the attention
            of the NHRA and a rule was put in
            place to require diapers on many of
            the sportsman classes.  Although
            it was later reversed, the rule that
            these diapers needed to be SFI
            approved required DRE to follow
            through with testing to stay in                           Visit us at    800-208-8242
            the forefront of the industry. To

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