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this day, DRE continues to submit testing every two
            years to maintain their ability to sell SFI rated diapers.
            Dennis was instrumental in helping get this rule
            reversed to help control costs for the racers.

              DRE offers non SFI Sportsman diapers in a variety
            of sizes (small, standard and XL) along with dry
            sump models.  These are all very durable and made
            from water proof material. They also offer a standard
            Sportsman Kevlar option, as well as custom built.
            Kevlar is a high performance material that is light
            weight, thin, durable and flame resistant.  It does not
            soak up oil like the ballistic nylon that some other
            companies have used.  You can also contact them
            for the SFI 7.2 custom Kevlar diaper.  All of the DRE
            products guarantee absolute customer satisfaction.
            They stand behind their quality diapers as they offer
            very affordable repairs to standard diapers and free
            repairs to any custom diapers.

              In addition to providing safety for you and your car,
            as well as reducing timely oil-downs, many tracks are
            now requiring these diapers for a variety of classes. In
            recent years, DRE has started to market to tracks that
            have passed diaper rules. Dennis believes in giving     Dennis sitting at his desk.
            back to the racers and most often they will see a 10%
            discount if racing at those participating tracks that
            have implemented diaper rules.  It is not unusual to
            hear that DRE is a class sponsor or they have donated
            products for special races.  They have also sponsored
            year end picnics and given away thousands of T-shirts
            over the years. DRE carries a variety of inventory
            of standard Sportsman diapers, so they can provide
            quick delivery on these models. Custom diapers take
            a little longer, but if you have a unique application
            the wait is worth it. Contact DRE and talk directly to
            Dennis to discuss your specific needs.  They will make
            sure that you get the correct fit and function for your
            application. DRE is set apart from other companies
            because they do not encourage a one size fits all. “Our
            main goal was to build the safest product and yet keep
            it economical, and we did that!” Dennis explained the
            importance of having a well-fitting engine diaper and
            he is ready to accommodate each unique application.
            As noted on their website,,
            “If you’re going to go to the effort to have a diaper
            on your engine, get the one that fits like a suit not a
            sleeping bag!”                                          Dennis explaining the hi performance qualities of Kevlar.

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