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            Other than the stereotypical all-    addition to any track sanction       lowest between-round maintenance
            over-the-track Fuel Altered runs,    and safety rules, all cars must be   of any car in the series. Jerry gets
            ET’s range from low 7’s to the high   pre-1948 Nostalgia-type body,       it done with minimal crew and is a
            6’s. Lyle Greenburg holds the series   125” wheelbase max, 40” front      WFA veteran.
            ET record with a 6.38 and Kevin      overhang max and have a rear wing
            Knowles has the speed record at      if running over 200 mph. Other         On the other end of the spectrum
            216 MPH.                             than these items, the engine type/   from Jerry Hall is Jim Maroney.
                                                 configuration can vary widely        The Family Legacy fuel altered has
              The race format is tailored to the   and there are allowances made      roots back to the 70’s. Jim’s father
            request of the track. In general,    for basically every combination      Jack campaigned the Blind Faith
            one-day shows run a modified         out there.  For more specific        Fuel Altered and they continue to
            elimination format with one round    information, please contact the      burn the stinky stuff today. The
            of qualifying and no semi-final.     WFA.                                 ex-Top Alcohol chassis by Neil &
            This allows the promotor to have                                          Parks has a 500” nitro-burning TFX
            a one-day show and stay within         Jerry’s Instant Rush Subway-       hemi sitting between the frame
            a comfortable time frame for         sponsored hot rod is the most        rails. A 3-disc Crowerglide clutch
            their spectators. Two-day shows      consistent car in the series. While   and 2-speed Lenco get power to
            utilize a typical 8-car qualified    he may not hold the ET record,       the ground. The red, white & blue
            field, with qualifying on the first   Jerry consistently finishes in the top   T-bucket car has a WFA-best time of
            day and racing on the second. To     5 in points every year. Built from an   6.62 at 212.67mph.
            help spread the payout to all of the   old Plueger built Lil’ John Lombardo
            cars, teams are compensated for      funny car chassis, the engine is a     Sheldon’s car utilizes the oddest
            individual qualifying passes. In     Dart Big M 555” BBC with Brodix      combination in the series. The
            each round, the quick 8 cars get     Heads and an 8-71 Littlefield        chassis is was built by Tony Casarez
            paid. It’s very common for a slower   blower. The trans is a BTE built    for Mike Burkhart around 1978.
            car to be paid for each qualifying   by Jay at Don’s Hot Rod shop in      Engine is a 500” TFX92 with a
            pass, yet not be in the overall quick   Tucson and the converter is a Trans   special Crower cam, lifters and steel
            8 to race on Sunday.                 Specialties 9.5”, which makes a      rods. A custom Hogan sheet metal
                                                 combination that consistently goes   intake was designed by car owner
              The Series rules are basic, In     down the track and has probably the                   Continued on page 31

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