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5      Up From The Ashes

                                                                        By Connell R. Miller

                                                                 13  Dennis Ridgeway Enterprises

                                                                        By Paige Teel

                                                                 19  Breaking In To The Big Show

                                                                        By Jeff Arend

                                                                 27  Western Fuel Altereds

            Publisher & Editor                                          By Hal Sanguinetti
            Scott Gaulter

            Jeff Arend            Darrell Conrad                 37  One Bad Texan
            Connell R. Miller     Hal Sanguinetti
            Geoff Stunkard            Paige Teel                        By Connell R. Miller
            Jeff Arend             Fred Becchetti                51  15th Annual Holley Hot Rod Reunion
            Jim Cecil               Pam Conrad
            Mike Edstrom            Chris Graves                        By Geoff Stunkard
            John Hale            Terry Kalvestran
            Connell R. Miller        Bob Snyder
            Roger Stanke          Geoff Stunkard                 63  Track Amenities
            Paige Teel
                                                                        By Connell R. Miller
            Graphic Designer
            Tony Siembieda
                                                                 69  The Spirit of Lions
            Charly Garton                                               By Darrell Conrad
            Asmir Goretic
                                                               COVER PHOTO
            Advertising Information:                           The legendary Mike Kuhl and Carl Olson. These two nitro warriors
            Carmen Price
            Phone: 714-276-5288                                had the distinct honor of being the last Top Fuel team to light-up
            Email:                       the win light at Lions Drag Strip.

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            Scott Gaulter
            Phone: 515-727-1444 ext. 11
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 Tune it way up.       

            Photo by Pam Conrad
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