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Story by Connell R. Miller • Photos by John Hale & Chris Graves

              CM - One of the big guns over the   Nitro Madness.  I know our readers    CM - When was your first drag
            last several years in the nitro ranks   would really like to find out about   race and when did you start racing?
            is John Hale and his “One Bad        you, your varied racing career, as
            Texan” Nostalgia Funny Car.  John,   well as your recent entry into the     JH – My first time at the drags
            it’s great that you could find some   food business.  First of all, why   was in 1987 at Cedar Creek
 GUARANTEED  time in your very busy schedule     don’t you give us some background    Dragway in Seven Points, Texas.
                                                                                      My second trip to a dragstrip was
 QUALITY AWNINGS  to sit down and talk to us here at   on where you’re from and how your
                                                 interest in cars came about.         also in 1987 and I drove a front
 - Extruded aluminum                                                                  engine roadster.
   construction                                    JH - I was born in Dallas and have
                                                 lived in the Metroplex my whole        CM - What was your first drag
 - Stainless fasteners                           life.  Addison is where I live now,   car?

 - 100% anodized billet                          which is only about five miles from    JH -   My first race car was a Don
   aluminum brackets                             my childhood home. I grew up with    Poynter-built, 272” rear-engine
                                                 a love for cars and have always
 - Industrial grade                                                                   dragster with a blown big-block
   canvas & double                               worked at or run custom auto or off-  Chevy on nitro.
   stitched reinforcing                          road shops.  Until the end of 2015 I
                                                 had a muscle car shop and still do     CM – What different cars have
 AT THE PRI SHOW                                 hot rod stuff for people.            you driven over the years?

 HOSPITALITY • TRAILERS                                                                         1987 – In only his second time

 • RV’S • DISPLAYS •                                                                          to visit a drag strip, this roadster
                                                                                               was also John’s first driving job.


 - All a-frames are made with large 1.5 X 2 x .125 wall aluminum.  - Raised frame awnings for std height trailers
 - All billet brackets and plates are ¼ thick 6061t6 cnc machined             (130” or lower)
   for durability and great looks  - Frame storage racks
 - Billet quick connects  - Logos/graphics
 - All tubing and billet parts are clear anodized  - Full enclosures
 - All mounting hardware is stainless steel  - Banner rails
 - Fabric storage bag included  - Internal air lines
 - Free hanging awnings 12’ std and up to 14’ with no legs  - Internal electrical
 - Many colors to choose from

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