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JH – Let’s see... I’ve raced a       CM – John, what are some of your     CM - That’s certainly
            roadster, rear engine dragster, fuel   favorite meets you’ve entered over   understandable!  Let’s talk for a
            altereds, Nostalgia Funny Cars and   the years?                           minute about last season and what
            Nostalgia Top Fuel as well as Funny    JH – The March Meet, World         it was like driving Jim Dunn’s
            Car.  I also drove a Top Alcohol     Series of Drag Racing and the        modern-era, 10,000+ horsepower
            Dragster and Top Alcohol Funny       NightFire Nationals in Boise.  I won   funny car.
                                                 the California Hot Rod Reunion         JH – Driving a funny car in the

              CM – Before the “One Bad           twice which is pretty cool!  The 5.58  ‘big show’ was a dream of mine and
            Texan,” it was the “Mike Burkhart”   I ran in the final there one year held  I got to live that dream!  I’m not the
            tribute Nostalgia Funny Car that     up as the quickest E.T. in the class   best on the tree but I think I did
            really made you a star in the class.    for several years.                okay with it and really did like the
            Let’s start with some history of that   CM – What would you say has       challenge of driving the car.
            great record-setter.                 been your biggest thrill in racing?    CM – Describe the difference in

              JH – The chassis on that car was     JH – I would have to say it was    driving the big show car and your
            the former “Miss Scarlet” N/FC       winning a championship in our        nostalgia funny car and was there
            that belonged to Virgil Hartman      first full year of racing in 2011 and   much of a learning curve jumping
            and driven by his daughter Rhonda.   repeating it again in 2012.  Another   into Dunn’s car?
            The body was built by Donnie         big thrill for me was running a 3.95   JH – They both leave about the
            Reeves in White, Georgia and I had   in the ‘big’ car last year.          same, but after sixty-feet the big
            Richard Hartman mount it at J. Ed                                         show car really starts pulling hard
            Horton’s shop.  I later purchased      CM – Care to share with us your    and it’s like that all the way to the
            Leah Pruett’s – now Pritchett –      biggest disappointment in racing so   finish line.  Jeff Arend told me it
            “Heartbreaker” Mustang and put       far?                                 might take all year to learn how
            the Burkhart body on that chassis,     JH – It would have to be not       to drive the big cars…and he was
            which I still run to this day as “The   winning an NHRA national event    right!  The only thing the big car
            One Bad Texan”.                      with Jim Dunn.                                        Continued on page 40

                                                                                                     Photo by Connell Miller
            Where it all started.  John’s record-setting “Mike Burkhart” Tribute N/FC on a burnout in 2009.

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