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                BLOWN HEAD GASKET?

                THE BEST SOLUTION

                         wners of vehicles with blown head gaskets used to have two choices:   the head is not badly warped or that
                         fork over $1,500 to $3,000 for a mechanical repair or kiss the car   the head gasket issue is not between a
                         goodbye. It was an especially lousy choice because most blown head   water passage.  If any of those issues
                Ogaskets occur in older vehicles that are often owned by customers   are present a chemical fi x will not
                that are economically challenged - and the vehicle may not be worth the price   work.
                of the repair.
                  All that changed in 2004, when Bar’s Leaks introduced a new chemical repair   Q: How much work do you want to do/
                for blown head gaskets and severe cooling system leaks: Bar’s Leaks Head   how much time do you have?
                Gasket Repair. Head Gasket Repair was revolutionary — it stopped head gasket   A: The fastest and easiest-to-use
                leaks by repairing the root cause and forming a bond stronger than the actual   solutions are Bar’s Leaks Professional
                head gasket itself by using a combination of sodium silicate and hi tech , non   Head Seal Blown Head Gasket
                clogging, fi bers.                                                   Repair and Bar’s Leaks Head Gasket
                                                                                     Fix. Both are antifreeze compatible,
                Who to trust?                      with a quality OE replacement set of   so there’s usually no need to fl
                The chemical repair category has   gaskets and the repair performed by a   ush the cooling system. For the
                expanded. Bar’s Leaks has been     licensed and trained technician. When   strongest solution/biggest leaks, the
                America’s most trusted cooling system   this type of repair is not an option   professional level product is best.
                stop leak brand since 1947. Our fi  rst   due to fi nancial limitations of your   For mild to moderate leaks, consider
                head gasket leak repair patent dates   customer – Bar's Leaks has number   Head Gasket Fix. For customers who
                back to 1950. We created the category  of chemical solutions that based on a   don’t mind doing more than a “pop
                We are OE installed on a tier 1    few simple observations can get your   and pour” and who want to save as
                basis, we are used in tier 2 service   customer back on the road again.  much money as possible, Head Gasket
                requirements and we are one of the                                   Repair is a cost-effective choice.
                oldest continuous suppliers to GM   Q: Can the vehicle run or be driven for   Because this product isn’t compatible
                worldwide. How's that for TRUST!   15 or  20 minutes without overheating?  with antifreeze, the vehicle cooling
                                                     A: If the vehicle can run for 15 to 20   system needs to be completely fl
                How to choose?                     minutes, until it starts to overheat, Our   ushed before and after installation. All
                Facts help with the decision making   chemical repair products have a 95%   three products work in vehicles using
                process. It is highly recommended   chance of success. This tells us that the   any type of 50-50 mix coolant or in
                that a head gasket is properly fi xed   head bolts are not stretched or broken,   water only.

                                           BAR’S LEAKS HEAD GASKET SOLUTIONS

                                STRONG                         STRONGER               (Professional Grade)

              MSRP               $10                           $30                    $45
              How long before    15 minutes                    20 minutes             15 minutes
              vehicle overheats?
              Flush required?    Yes (2)                       No                     No

              Total install/     Up to 24 hours                15 minutes             45 minutes
              down time

                                                      Learn more at
                            Contact Bar’s Leaks on Facebook at, or call 800.345.6572.

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