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Taking some time away from N/FC racing, Hale drove Jim Dunn’s ‘Big Show’ funny car at NHRA National events during the 2016
            has in common with a nostalgia         JH – I certainly would but not in   wheels out back.  My newer carbon
            funny car is that they smell the     a full-time capacity.  I have filled in   fiber ’69 Camaro replica body was
            same (laughs!).                      for Jeff Arend in Steve Plueger’s car   built by Kinsley Race Cars and
                                                 at Las Vegas.  I’ll keep my license   the tinwork was done by Grant
              CM – Dunn is an “old guard” guy    current as it’s important to stay    Downing at the Worsham’s race
            who has been around a long time      current driving these cars. I’ll jump   shop.
            and is well respected by his peers.    in if anyone needs a driver for a
            What’s it like driving for “Big Jim”?  match race or testing.               As far as my safety equipment, my
                                                                                      driver’s suit is from DJ Safety and I
              JH – He’s a legend who’s been        CM – John, let’s get back to your   have a Stand 21 helmet and Safety
            racing for sixty-plus years.  One    own car.  Give us the nuts and bolts   Solutions Hybrid neck restraint.  My
            thing he’s always done, though,      on what has consistently been in     fire system is also from DJ Safety.
            is raced within his budget.  He      one of the quickest and fastest
            knows exactly where he should be     Nostalgia funny cars in the country.   CM – What are your particular
            budget-wise at any given time, so      JH – It’s a 125-inch wheelbase     skills as far as fabrication or engine
            he may sit out a qualifying session   2007 Victory chassis with the       building on these nitro cars?
            to save parts and money.  However,   typical A-arm front end.  Mark         JH – It’s mainly in the motors and
            this does allow him to run the car   Williams supplied the steering       drive train as I never really got into

            harder when he needs to; say, at     box, spindles, 11-inch live axle rear   doing any painting or metalwork.
            Indy or where there’s a fast field   end and carbon fiber brakes front    I’ve done a bit of welding and
            with 17+ cars.                       and rear.  I’m running a two-speed   fabrication, MIG and TIG stuff.
                                                 Lenco transmission with a Molinari
              CM – Do you have any plans for     3-disc titanium clutch, Mark           CM – Well, we know you’ve got
            piloting another “big show” funny    Williams driveline components        another “one bad Texan” in the form
            car or would you consider it if a    and Mickey Thompson 34.5/17.0-       of your crew chief!
            driving job was offered to you?      16 slicks on Weld non-beadlock                        Continued on page 43

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