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Photo by Chris Graves
            Trophy time at Famosa Raceway’s 2013 CHRR.  Jason Rupert (left) won the season N/FC championship with John Hale nabbing the
            event win.
              JH – Yeah, that’s my crew chief    nitro motors for Mike Burkhart’s       CM – Tell us a little bit about the
 SUPPORT THE MADNESS…  Guy Tipton, who’s been around drag   funny cars back in the ‘70s when he   engine you’re running and some of

            racing for fifty years.  He was building  was “Big Mike’s” crew chief.
                                                                                      the details and specs on it.
                                                                                        JH – Our engines are all built
                                                                                      in-house by Guy.  They’re AJPE
                                                                                      forged hemi blocks with a 4.187
 SUPPORT PRINTING AND MAILING                                                         bore and 3.750 stroke, giving
 NITRO MADNESS MAGAZINE —                                                             us 413 cubic inches.  We use

 ORDER YOUR NEW T-SHIRTS TODAY!                                                       Winberg cranks, CP rods and
                                                                                      pistons and Bullet cams.  Our
 • PURPLE OR GRAY                                                                     heads are AJPE NTF with Stage

 • KID SIZES — MEDIUM AND LARGE                                                       V rockers, Trick Titanium valves,
 •  ADULT SIZES — SMALL, MEDIUM,                                                      Manton pushrods, PAC springs,
                                                                                      Victory retainers and Wesco locks.
 LARGE, XL, 2XL AND 3XL                                                               On top we’ve got an Alan Johnson
                                                                                      magnesium blower manifold with
 ORDER ONLINE AT                                                                      a Littlefield LB-21 blower and an
 WWW.NITROMADNESS.COM                                                                 Enderle Birdcatcher with a high-
                                                                                      flow K-style barrel valve.  The
                                                                                      21-gallon Aeromotive fuel pump is
                                                                                      one that we helped develop.  Our
 Only                                                                                 normal nitro percentage varies

 Nitro Madness Magazine  $15.00                                                       between 89% and 93% and is fired by
 9451 Swanson Blvd., Des Moines, IA 50325  Plus S&H                                   a 10 amp Mallory magneto.
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