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CM – Well, it’s easy to see how    the rules we have in place now       young guns into drag racing to
            this combination of parts along      and I’m happy with that.  As far as   perpetuate it.
            with Guy Tipton’s tuning prowess     possible changes, there has been
            has you capable of possibly setting   talk about possibly going to a newer   CM – Any thoughts on the
            a record every time you come to      style magneto.                       controversy of shortening Top Fuel
            the line!  Any changes coming up                                          and Funny Car racing from the
            for the car in this latter part of the   CM – How do you like the current   traditional quarter-mile down to one
            season?                              nostalgia racing and how would you   thousand feet?
                                                 improve it?
              JH – No, but a while back I had                                           JH – With both of those classes
                                                   JH – We need television coverage!   now regularly going over 330 miles-
            my trailer wrapped with my “Best     It could certainly allow us all to
            of Texas” barbeque sauce brand to    get better sponsor programs.         per-hour at a thousand feet, there
            promote it and we might wrap the     Very importantly, any additional     are a few tracks that are not long
            car with a customer or store chain if   promotion of nostalgia racing we   enough to safely stop at those or
            that comes along.                                                         even higher speeds if they raced a
                                                 can get would also bring more fans   full quarter-mile.  Besides, what are
              CM – John, tell us about some      into the stands.                     the fans missing out on?
            of your rivalries or close friends     CM – On some social media sites,
            among your Nostalgia Funny Car       often there are gloom and doom         CM – Speaking of tracks, what
            competitors.                         postings with comments about the     are your most favorite ones?
              JH – Jason Rupert and I are good   current state of NHRA drag racing      JH – Famoso, Cordova, the Texas
            friends and it’s always some great   in the pro classes.  What is your    Motorplex and Firebird at Boise,
            racing anytime we’re matched up.     take on this?                        Idaho.  Sonoma and Indy rank up
            Kris Krabill is right up there as      JH – I don’t see car counts        there as well.
            well, and always my fellow Texan     growing and it concerns me that        CM – How about the least favorite
            and friend Ronnie Young in the       in a few years we may be down to     of the ones where you’ve raced?
            “Blue Max.”                          twelve car fields.  That will very     JH – That would have to be

              CM – Any thoughts on the rules     likely happen unless something       Sacramento.  The bumps there
            for the Nostalgia Funny Car class?    is done to make racing more         almost caused me to crash!
            Likes, dislikes or changes you’d like   affordable.  The rising costs to build
            to see made?                         and run these fuel cars and the less   CM – Let’s turn back now to your
                                                 than full fields are not good for the   racing operation and why don’t you
              JH – I feel the cars are safe with   sport.  We absolutely have to bring   tell us who the crew members are
                                                                                      and their duties.

                                                                                        JH – Karen Miller is my
                                                                                      manager…and my everything!
                                                                                      I’m really lucky to have someone
                                                                                      that likes racing.  She really loves
                                                                                      nostalgia funny car racing…not
                                                                                      so much on the ‘big show’ though.
                                                                                      Guy Tipton, of course, is my crew
                                                                                      chief; Steve Bolick, marketing;
                                                                                      Scott Givens, car chief; Vince
                                                                                      Urieta, motor; Ben Burns, bottom
                                                                                      end; Jeff Parker, clutch and Justin
                                                                                      Wilson, utility.
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