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MRP racing clutches are custom designed
                                                                      for specific applications ranging from the
                                                                          drag strip to monster tractor pulls.

                                                                          We manufacture all of our clutches
                                                                           completely in-house using steel,
                                                                                 titanium or aluminum.

                                                                      10.5” and 11” Pedal Clutches

                                                                      Whether for drag racing or
                                                                      truck and tractor pulling, our
              Break-In Oil is an SAE  DOMINATOR  Racing Oil  Z-ROD™ Synthetic   clutches are built with the
              30 viscosity grade oil   is engineered from   Motor Oil is specially   highest quality components
              formulated without fric-  advanced synthetic   engineered for classic   to fit your performance,
              tion modifiers to allow   technology to better   and high-performance   durability and budget needs.
              for quick and efficient   withstand the elevated   vehicles. It features a
              piston ring seating in   rpm, high temperatures   high-zinc formulation to   Contact us today for the finest quality
              new and rebuilt high-  and shock-loading    prevent wear on critical   at an unbeatable price.
              performance and racing  common to racing    engine components.
              engines.         applications.                                We will not be under sold!
                      Contact John or Connie Luczak at:                    7015 Manya Circle • San Diego, CA 92154
                       877-892-6018                                      Phone: (619) 628-0109 • Fax: (619) 628-0191



                                            IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE

                                                                                  •  Redesigned case bottom for
                                                                                    better air flow on our 6-71 and
                                                                                    8-71 series.
                                                                                  •  Rotors - now made with 7075
                                                                                    aircraft material for strength and
                                                                                    hardness - Teflon strips extend to
                                                                                    the end of the rotor for maximum
                                                                                    sealing area.

                           Congratulations to 2016 NFC Champions Kris Krabill and Jason Rupert
                          Both set new records in the 2016 season using Littlefield LB-22 Blowers

                      Visit for additional details,
                  or call 714-992-9292 • 1114 Kimberly, Anaheim, CA 92801

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