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CM – Who are your sponsors and     California Hot Rod Reunion, if I beat  Transportation shut the freeway
            are there any you particularly want   him then Jason Rupert would win     down and we learned the next day
            to mention?                          the Championship.  If Horan won,     there were five wrecks in a half-mile
                                                 he would take home the title.  Well,   stretch and with one fatality.
              JH – Clevite, Red Line Oil,        we won and had my car and crew in
            Mickey Thompson Tires, CP            the winner’s circle at the same time   CM – We know from your social
            Carillo, Probell, Hussey Gaskets,    with Jason’s.                        media posts that you have a lot
            Original Roadhouse Grill in                                               of non-drag racing hobbies and
            Bakersfield, Three-Way Chevrolet       CM – When I was racing,            interests.  Care to share what you
            in Bakersfield, TMS Titanium         occasionally there’d be something    like to do on those days when
            Metal Supply, CarWrap City, Pro-     that happened while we were
            Things and Best of Texas BBQ         traveling.  Got any of those “road   the “One Bad Texan” stays in the
            Sauce.                               stories” to tell us about?           trailer?

              CM – Tell us about your tow rig.     JH – One time when we were in        JH – I love to fish…all kinds.
                                                 Arizona, in the Parks area north of   Flying, hunting, shooting sports,
              JH – It’s a 2002 Kenworth          Flagstaff, the U.S. Forestry Service   RC boats, planes.  Grilling and
            T2000.  The trailer is a 2000 53-foot   was conducting a prescribed burn.    smoking.  Really anything outdoors!
            Competition Trailer.  Previously it   The temperature had dropped         Live music.  I’ve been shooting
            was the “Rockstar Energy Drink”      which was keeping the smoke          since I was five years old and have a
            hauler belonging to Jerry Toliver.    down.  We came to a point where     real passion for this just as I do with

              CM - Any interesting, funny, or    we had 10-feet of visibility and I ran   drag racing.
            disastrous racing stories you’d like   into the back of a truck stopped in   CM – We know that planes are a
            to pass on to us?                    our lane.  No one was hurt but there
                                                 was the concern about another        big part of your life.  What “big boy
              JH – When it came down to the      truck running into the back of       toys” do you have parked in your
            final against Dan Horan at the 2013   us.  The Arizona Department of      new hangar?

            John standing in front of his new passion:  Aerobatic-capable airplanes.  Besides a 1975 Citabria and Steen Skybolt, his new hangar
            also allows plenty of room for the race truck and trailer.

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