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                                                        Story by Connell R. Miller
                               Photos by Jim Cecil, Fred Becchetti, Terry Kalvestran, Mike Edstrom and Roger Stanke

              Whether destined for cackling      Tom Hoover, Beebe and Mulligan,      Minnesota-based BFK AA/FD.
            or merely to show, one can always    Tommy Ivo and the Hawaiian           With their copy of a Woody Gilmore
            find very compelling reasons for     among others.  There can also be     chassis and 392 cu. in. blown
            the time and expense spent for an    something with perhaps a little      hemi, they had soon set track ET
            old race car’s restoration or re-    more of a personal connection.       and speed records at strips in the
            creation.  Sometimes it is purely    That’s where this story takes us…..  Midwest and Canada and were
            out of a sense of the importance       In 1968, pals Fred Becchetti, Pete  very competitive in several of the
            or history connected to a famous     Fitzgerald and Terry Kalvestran
            driver and/or team, such as the      were having some success             NHRA Division 5 meets they ran,
            AA/Fuelers of Don                    competing in nitro’s top class with   including a runner up at one
                                                 Dave Edstrom at the wheel of their

 Stanley and Weiss Racing


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