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Randy Bradford and his Topolino fuel altered towed in all the way from the Pacific Northwest to give the Kentucky fans a blast at the
            past in ‘Awful Awful.’ The Fuel Altereds were one of the highlights of the 2017 show.
            go and laid down the gauntlet off    came in at 6.04, and young Tyler     on the wrenches in Murphy’s
            the trailer with a heavy 5.68 that   Hilton in the Great Expectations     pit. The blue Atlanta Speed Shop
            would be better than any other       retro car found enough for a 6.10 to   entry looked solid but Murphy
            qualifier’s effort before Saturday’s   grab the bump. Four cars missed,   was not to be denied, running a
            race program. Eight other cars       with Jason Greenfield in ninth after   healthy 5.72 to Miller’s 6.38, both
            went down during that session,       getting bumped during the final      cars trailing smoke in the lights.
            none quicker than 6.00, and Adam     session.                             That left current champ Bartone
            Sorokin was outside the eight-car                                         and second-gen pilot Sorokin, two
            field at ninth. Friday dawned to       Saturday round one was again in    veterans of these battles, for the
            warm summer weather and solid        nice weather, a little cooler. With   final pair in round one. Bartone’s
            humidity. The big boys (and girl)    a number of sportsman classes        car looks the part of ‘modern
            played hard, with flames and no      run during the morning, the track    nasty,’ while Sorokin in the colorful
            small amount of shrapnel the         was ready for Top Fuel. Young had    Champion Speed Shop streamliner
            result. Young improved even more,    every intention of leaving here      has the nostalgia look. They served
            to a 5.618 and impressive 260.36     the top dog, and used a soft 5.99    it up with the closest side-by-side
            trap speed. Jim Murphy stayed #2,    to walk by Hilton, who blew off      TF run of the day, Bartone with
            now with a 5.692 blast, while ‘Nitro   the rear tires at the launch. Dusty   a .067 reaction and 5.71 time to
            Kitty’ Mendy Fry was close behind    Green had a couple of wet cylinders   Sorokin’s quicker .059 launch
            at 5.697. Reigning Champ Tony        as he lined up against Fry and the   coupled with a very-close-but-on-
            Bartone from Long Island City, NY    High Speed Motorsports machine       fire 5.73 to lose by 7 feet.
            closed with a 5.727 to round out     out of Los Angeles, and the female
            the top half. Trailing fire behind   Bakersfield champ showed why she       Round two was interesting.
            him, Sorokin now moved into the      was getting it done, kicking off a   Murphy, looking to shed a two-year
            program in 5th with a 5.88, fellow   5.71 blast to the Nitro-Hemi team’s   ‘also ran’ streak, was in the left lane
            California racer Dusty Green was     game 6.17. Now it was Murphy         when it came time to race Mendy
            6th at 5.91, Missouri’s Dave Miller   facing Miller, with Roland Leong                     Continued on page 55

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