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Fry. However, she had to pedal at    the weekend had rewarded him         TOP FUEL QUALIFIERS
            half-track, if only for a moment,    with #1 qualifier, Low ET, and Top   1.  James Young, Salem, WI.
            and that was enough for the ‘new     Speed, and Murphy’s Santa Rosa-        ‘07 FED 5.618 260.36
            Hawaiian’ to punch in, clocking      based west coast operation and a     2.   Jim Murphy, Santa Rosa, CA.
            a 5.73 to Fry’s fast-closing 5.81    chance to shed his losing streak       ‘13 Neil & Parks 5.692 239.61
            and 260 mph trap speed. Based        plus grab the points lead that Fry
            on the previous round’s times,       had held most of the year. The       3.  Mendy Fry, Los Angeles, CA.
            Bartone chose the right lane, with   Young Guns car was first off the       ‘16 Hadman 5.697 244.65
            Young ready for him. Then the        line, with a cloud of clutch dust    4.  Tony Bartone, Long Island City, NY.
            unthinkable happened – Bartone       trailing. Murphy may have been
            doubled-stepped the tree to get a    late, .147 to Young’s .102 reaction,   ‘16 Mckinney 5.727 243.68
            .033 light but lifted thinking he was   but the engine thundered in piston-  5.  Adam Sorokin, Glendale, CA.
            red and Young fired away to a 5.89   eating power to pass Young and         ‘04 Sterling 5.881 185.21
            run that would give him the other    finish in a big puff of winning      6.  Dusty Green, Pleasant Hill, CA.
                                                 smoke, 5.71 to a 5.92. Young
 FULL SYNTHETIC 0W-30, SYNTHETIC BLEND 20W-50,   to a sub-22-second time, no doubt   Leong Murphy & Co. had a lot to   7.  David Miller, Cedar Hill, MO.
            final round berth. Bartone cruised
                                                                                        ‘06 Neil & Parks 5.911 245.45
                                                 would be going home wiser, and
            with some choice expletives to
                                                 celebrate. With three more races
            himself and a long, quiet ride home
                                                                                        ‘05 Neil & Parks 6.040 192.63
                                                 on the NHRA Heritage Series, all
            to Long Island.
              Down to two, it was midwestern
                                                 shape up into a interesting title
                                                                                        ‘12 Horton 6.109 235.93
                                                 chase in 2017.
            Jim Young whose prior efforts over   westerly from here out, it could     8.  Tyler Hilton, Sharonville, OH.
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               This was a terrific line-up of vintage funny cars in the pits
               Saturday morning. Many of these are the ‘real deal’ and a
               majority were up on the starting line that evening for the
               Cackle conclusion of the 2017 event.  Fall 2017                        Nitro Madness Magazine                                          55
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