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TRUSTED PISTON   Not Qualified                  tell the story. In the end, the two   was busy swapping in fresh Hemi
                                                                                      iron when we stopped by Friday
                                                 low ET cars to meet in the final
            9.  Jason Greenwood, Racine, WI.
 PERFORMANCE   ‘10 Stirling 6.238 241.80         would be Paul Romine and Greg        afternoon between sessions.
                                                 Jacobsmeyer. Romine, a former
                                                                                        Meanwhile, Greg Jacobsmeyer
            10.  Julius Hughes, Gainesville, GA.   IHRA World Champion who made       from the St. Louis area was
                ‘11 Horton 6.281 241.20          the first-ever 5-second front engine   running a narrowed 1970 Dodge
                                                 dragster pass back in 1996, had his
            11.  Tim Cullinan, Des Plaines, IL.   1979 Mustang on hand and pumped     Challenger that looked the part of
                ‘09 Steplais 6.359 177.81        out a very strong 5.824 at 248 mph   ‘vintage’ a little more than Romine’s
                                                                                      ride. He clocked a nice 6.034 best
                                                 on Friday; his follow-up was a 5.87
            12.  Paul Schultz, Tulsa, OK.                                             on Friday that would give him the
 PISTONS  RINGS  ACCESSORIES  ‘92 Stirling 6.876 193.88   at 247.07. Romine has never been   second berth in the program, which
                                                 afraid to push the envelope (I know   would also be the final. In third
 Ross carries hundreds of proven, race winning piston   FUEL FUNNY CAR  because I was working for IHRA   at 6.09 was Anthony Bronge from
 designs to fit virtually any engine combination. Along with   Quite unfortunately, the lack of   when he was running top fuel there   Belvidere, Ill, in the ‘Iowa Punisher’
 an extensive line of piston accessories    open entries made this a somewhat   with the late Clayton Harris), and   ’79 Corvette and Bazz Young from
 and coatings, Ross has nearly 40 years   disappointing program. Indeed,   the car looks the part of a later-  Wisconsin driving the ‘Down
 of experience, in the design and    neither NHRA nor any other   generation pro-stalgia car. Like the   Under Thunder’ 1969 Camaro,
 manufacturing of custom    source we could locate had final   top fuel guys, Romine always goes
 piston applications!                                                                 which suffered frustrations to go
            round results with enough info to    for the throat and he and his crew   7.55, finished the field.

 Multiple piston and skirt coating options available to meet
 customer demands for more efficient engine designs!



 Richard Hartman   Robert Overholster
 “Carolina Cruiser”   “California Hustler”

 Dan Horan    Dan Horan    Congratulations Mike Halstead for Winning the The 59th
 “CHLA Benefit Dragster”  “The Patriot”   Annual, Good Vibrations March Meet with a 6.046 at
 229.43 mph in the Rear Engine Top Fuel Dragster Class

 WWW.ROSSPISTONS.COM  WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/ROSSPISTONS  Two rows of vintage cars were lined against the Bowling Green retaining walls for the 2017 Cackle-fest. Due to the closeness of mid-
            June’s summer solstice, even this image from 8:30 PM showed a lot of evening sunlight.

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