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             Racers and spectators look at track concessions and restrooms

                                                           by Connell R. Miller
              Whether you’re attending an        refrigerators built into their well-  to focus on recent trips to still-
            NHRA national event at one of the    equipped trailers and tow rigs       operating facilities, several, though,
            mega-tracks on the circuit or down   (also with running water and toilet   had better memories of visits to
            the road at your local straight-line   facilities), arriving at the drag strip   their favorite drag strips of the
            speed emporium carved out of a       we only hear concerns from them      past.  So, it looks like we have a mix
            cow pasture or old airfield, they    of:  “What condition is the track in   with opinions of each along with a
            both have something very much        and will it be properly prepped?”    pretty funny anecdote one reader
            in common:  You have your ticket     and, “Are there potholes on the      shared with us that we’ll tell you
            and will be a captive guest at that   return road?” or “Are we pitting    about later.
            venue from morning until, well,      on grass or asphalt and where do       So, in no particular order or
            possibly late in the evening (and    we tech in?”  It’s a different side   timeline, let’s take off now and read
            sometimes even spilling over until   of the coin, however, for the wives   what our readers – in their own
            the early hours of the next calendar  and girlfriends of the competitors   words – have had to say about their
            day).  Unless an attendee should be   as well as the spectators who will   experiences with munchables/
            blessed with anorexic tendencies     sit in the stands or roam the pits,   drinkables and, um…the other,
            and an enlarged and iron-clad        wondering what sort of amenities     while visiting a race track.  See if it
            bladder, this will generally mean    are in store for them that day.      compares with what you may have
            a trip to the concession stand and                                        found at that same venue……..
            one or more visits to the track’s      For some thoughts on both sides
            restrooms during the event.          of this “coin” we thought it would     Secramento Raceway,
                                                 be interesting to hear from a few    Sacramento, California.  Some
              Since many race teams bring        of our Nitro Madness readers         years back they had fried zucchini
            their own food and drink stashed     with a questionnaire that was sent   strips covered with melted cheese...
            in well-stocked ice chests and       out.  Hoping for our contributors    yummy!  Rated an 8.

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