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Kansas International               your selections cafeteria style.  At   although some are old, they’re all
            Dragway, Wichita, Kansas.            the end of the line there were 3-4   clean.  Good people, GREAT fans.
            Bathrooms are the best anywhere      Amana Radar Ranges where you         I’ll give it a 7.
            and get a 10.  Concessions pretty    nuked the food.  If you put enough
                                                                                        Speedworld drag strip,
            limited to the basics but it is      pickles and mustard on the burgers   Wittmann, Arizona (now
            passable.  For that I give it a 5.   they were pretty good.  We always
                                                 joked that with all the radiation we   closed).  Back when it was
              Pomona Raceway, Pomona,            soaked in we wouldn’t live past 30!   Phoenix Raceway Park the food
            California.  There is one thing                                           was great!  Burgers cooked to
            there that really comes to mind and    Beech Bend Raceway, Bowling        order, grilled onions an option as
            that was their pastrami sandwich…    Green, Kentucky.  The men’s          were toasted buns.  Prices VERY
            it was to die for!  I just never used   rest room in the pits is good, with   reasonable, even after it became
            the concessions that much as we      urinals and sinks to wash your       Speedworld.  But burgers weren’t
            always had food and beverage,        hands and it has dryers.  I have not   as good after the change when,
            but every time I went there the      gotten anything at the concession    after cooking them on a grill they
            concession was the first place I     stands except t-shirts.              then sat in pan of hot juice.  Prices
            headed.                                                                   were MUCH better than Firebird,
                                                   Little River Dragway,              though.  Bathrooms were so-so.
              Charlotte Motor Speedway,          Temple, Texas.  Expect the usual     Employees were great, always
            North Carolina.  The place is        hamburgers and hot dogs.  Not        friendly and helpful.  Rate a 7
            awesome.  Clean, nice people.        great but not too expensive either
            Food was typical racetrack food,     (although drinks are pretty high).     Tulsa Raceway Park, Tulsa,
            but better than most… I rate it a 7.  I’d rate the food quality at a 4.  The   Oklahoma.  This track is out of
                                                 restrooms are not bad, just pretty   my division but I’ve raced there
              Green Valley Raceway,              typical for a small drag strip.      a few times.  I think it has some
            Smithfield, Texas.  In the late                                           of the better concession food and
            1960s, the first time I ever saw       Albuquerque Dragway,               restroom facilities of any facility
            a microwave oven was at Green        Albuquerque, New Mexico.             I’ve been to in the last few years.
            Valley.  The burgers and dogs        Good, varied food selection and no   Not too pricey and usually pretty
            were prepackaged and you made        beer (a plus for me).  Porta-potties,   tasty.  I read an article about TRP

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