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a couple of years ago in your          And, a few comments that did not   in a 7 or 8 state area.  Usually pee’d
            magazine that mentioned Todd         target any particular track:         behind a tree. LOL
            and Keith’s attention to detail, even   Most tracks I have visited have     Well, there you have it.  A
            regarding their restrooms, and it    been adequate; prices are usually    little sampling of two important
            shows.  Good job, guys!
                                                 on the high side for concessions     aspects of drag strip operations.
              Eddyville Raceway,                 (but we usually bring our own food   Concession food rated surprisingly
            Oskaloosa, Iowa.  The restrooms      and drinks).                         high in several cases while,
            are nicer than many strips I’ve been   Racetrack restrooms are usually    with the exception of one racer’s
            to.  Rated a 9.  The food was good,   clean enough, but from a woman’s    comment on the long gone and
            too (but I do miss the guy selling   standpoint could always be better    much-lamented Green Valley
                                                                                      Raceway, none of the responses
            buffalo burgers there a few years    (as long as they are not the ol’     really put any of the restroom
            ago).  I’ll give it a 9 also.  The whole   outhouses!).                   ratings “in the toilet” (sorry, I just
            atmosphere during a race weekend                                          couldn’t resist the pun!).
            rates a 10 from me!                    As far as bad restrooms, there
                                                 were (and are) so many!  Even          Hopefully on the next visit to your
              Texas Motorplex, Ennis,            Green Valley Raceway was bad         local drag strip you’ll experience

            Texas.  For my money, there is       with its one-hole partially enclosed   numbers closer to the upper end
            nothing as good as the Texas         outhouse in the middle of the pit    of that “one-to-ten” scale.  If not,
            Motorplex and nothing as bad as      area.  My racing was mainly in the   contact the owner/operator by
            what we had to live with at Dallas’   southeast central and southwest     phone, text or email and nicely
            Circle Drag Strip or at Caddo Mills.  and I about hit every shithole track   and politely (please!), give him

                                         DRAG RACE AND              THE HOLESHOT 4 WATT RADIO SYSTEM
                                   TRACTOR FLOATERS                 The NEW “HOLESHOT” 4 watt 16 channel radio system.
                                         AND SEGMENTS
                  cUSTOM                               Arguably THE BEST radio system on the market at this
                                                                    price level. The “Holeshot” is the perfect start for the lower
                                                                    budget racer that communication is a must have.
                                                MADE IN USA
                                                                    This is fully upgradable and expandable now and in the future.
                                                                                              •  2 “HOLESHOT” 4 Watt 16
                                                                                               channel UHF radios
                                                                                              •  Batteries / Rapid chargers and
                                                                                              • 1 Radio box
                                                                                              •  1 IMSA Car harness with Nexus
                                                                                               and Switchcraft connections.
                                                                                              •  1 Velcro mount PTT for the
                                                                                              • 1 IMSA helmet mic
                                                                                              •  1 Sportbud earbuds for the
                                                                                               crew chief
                                                                                              •  1 Lightweight crew headset
                                                                                              • Additional systems $199.00
                Used by National Hot Rod Association                                               Systems Starting at
                               Racing Teams                                                           $ 399 .00
                       Top Fuel Dragsters      Funny Cars      Alcohol
                              Pro Stock      Tractor Pulls                                    708-675-2089
               CNC Machining  I  6519 Eastland Rd., Suite 101  I  Brookpark, Ohio 44142
                           Ph 440.243.7585  I  Fax 440.243.5667                      

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