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Original Don Garlits crew member Sonny Messner preparing for a   Ron Johnson, Zane Shubert and Kol Johnson take a moment
            “fire-up” in his Swamp Rat III recreation. This car was impeccably   out of their busy schedule to pose for a picture. This car made
            fabricated personally by “Big Daddy” himself; for his lifelong   countless passes down the Lions 1320 in the early days with
            friend to keep the spirit alive!                        Zane behind the wheel.

             48 VOLT BATTERY PACK ($750.00 )

              Grand Prix’s 48-Volt battery pack and charger have been devel-
              oped and proven for use on remote starters used on blown and/
              or injected applications.  The unit weighs only 54 pounds and
              is capable of about 20 starts before recharging.  Recharging is
              fully automatic with no risk of overcharging.
              The units come complete with aluminum carrying case, vinyl
              cover, and charger.
              Optional 12’ terminated leads (item# GPBPL) are a perfect
              complement to complete the system from starter to the battery
              pack.  The leads are
              made from color
              coded heavy duty
              #4 welding cable
              with 175 amp

              Item Number:

                                                 4915 E Admiral Place
                                                     Tulsa, OK 74115
                                                  Phone: 918-836-8487
                                                Toll Free: 800-331-2223

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