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and help with the build.  We         set up, had to be custom fabricated    “Brendan Murry at Performance
            then contacted well-known and        at the Rooman shop.                  Motorsports in California helped
            respected chassis builder Keith                                           supply many of the other retro
            Burgan of Rooman Motorsports in        As construction of the chassis     parts we needed.  These again
            Brownsburg, Indiana to recreate      began in early summer of 2016, the   all closely matched as much as
            the 1967 chassis as close to the     formidable search was underway       possible the original components
            original as possible.”               for period correct parts and         used on our 1967 car.  Fortunately,
                                                 pieces that were similar to what     now we didn’t have to buy our
              Photos of the original car were    the team had originally used.        GMC 6:71 supercharger out of a
            collected and, along with personal   Becchetti recalls the search:  “We   junkyard, shop in Army surplus
            recollections of the chassis details,   found a pair of Halibrand 16 x10   stores for parts and machine
            Burgan began the task of putting     magnesium wheels on the west         adapters and other components
            together a virtually identical       coast together with an early Olds    on a lathe or Bridgeport mill as we
            version of the old BFK AA/           narrowed 4.11 rear end, axles and    once did!”
            FD.  Becchetti was insistent on
            this point to racers:  “Take many    magnesium Mickey Thompson              With the rear end and third
            pictures of your car, racing and     third member.  Trips to the Hot      member delivered to Rooman
            otherwise…we didn’t!  Several        Rod Reunion at Bowling  Green        Motor Sports, 4130 chrome moly
            times we had to scale some of the    and later at Bakersfield resulted in   tubing and a 392 block went on
            photos and use known valve cover     acquiring front wheels, retro M&H    their jig and the BFK recreation
            or wheel dimensions to get the car   slicks and a Schiefer magneto.       was underway.  One slight
            dimensions as they did not conform   We sent the Halibrand mags to        variation on “ver.2” was that the
            exactly to those of the original     Shaun Dill, also in Brownsburg, for   cockpit was made slightly wider
            Woody Gilmore car we had copied.”    cleaning and application of Dow      to accommodate the
            This of course meant that many       7 treatment to match the look of     slightly larger
            of the chassis components, such      the original rear wheels and the     “girth” of the
            as the VW type front torsion bar     Schiefer mag went to Cirello for     partners.
            suspension, bell-crank and steering  refurbishing.

            Side view of chassis at Stanke Motorsports
            for initial fitting of components.

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