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This created a problem, however,
                                                                                      as the Olds rear end was now
                                                                                      several inches too narrow for the
                                                                                      proper and safe installation of the
                                                                                      brakes and wheels without using
                                                                                      thick wheel spacers.  It was sent
                                                                                      out to Mark Williams Enterprises
                                                                                      in Colorado for widening and new

                                                                                        While Burgan was busy with the
                                                                                      chassis, the partners decided not
                                                                                      to build their own trailer as they
                                                                                      had done in the ‘60s, but contracted
                                                                                      with Kevin at Rance Trailers in
                                                                                      Elkhart, Indiana to manufacture
                                                                                      a custom 7 ft. x 24 ft. twin-axle
                                                                                      all-aluminum enclosed trailer
                                                                                      for them.  Since they would be
                                                                                      just cackling and not racing their
                                                                                      dragster, the trailer is somewhat
                                                                                      smaller than what might be used

            Keith Burgan started TIG welding the chassis at his shop in Indiana.      for a true race car and is designed

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