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win came with a 6.310/137.86 mph
        pass. Funny car saw top qualifier
        Bobby Cottrell, 5.670/253.61 mph,
        win over Matt Bynum running a
        5.744/258.62. Top qualifier Kin
        “Doc” Bates won the A/Fuel class,
        with a killer 5.868/233.68 run to
        take out Drew Austin with his
        5.936/231.64 pass.

          The following morning, after
        learning of Brett’s passing via social
        media, it was all I could do to finish
        packing and begin the long 3-day
        drive home. For the last few years,
        I have been driving to this event
        instead of flying, since the airlines
        never agreed that my large cases
        of photo equipment were worthy of
        carry-on status. I could only think
                                             Vince Generaleo in “Nanook”. Vince ended up the #1 qualifier with a
        about Brett and what had occurred    6.125/221.96 mph pass.

          The infamous “Winged Express”, with Mike Boyd in the seat.
          Charging hard with a typical wheels-up qualifying pass.

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