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Chris Bates in the    The NHRA Heritage Series
                                                             “U.S. Mule”, owned by   held six events in 2017 in which
                                                            crew chief Kin Bates Jr.
                                                                                  the Nostalgia A/Fuel class
                                                                                  participated.  The first race was
                                                                                  held on January 14-15 at Wild Horse
                                                                                  Pass Motor Sports Park in Phoenix,
                                                                                  AZ. Five A/Fuelers entered the
                                                                                  event, the Pro-Max Austin Racing
                                                                                  Team out of Tacoma, WA with
                                                                                  Drew Austin driving, the Grand
                                                                                  Prix Auto entry from Tulsa, OK
                                                                                  driven by John Harless, Kin Bates
                                                                                  driving the Bates & Adams FED
                                                                                  out of Redding, CA, Chuck Tanko
                                                                                  from Prescott, AZ and Rick Ewens
                                                                                  from Robles, CA, both driving their
                                                                                  own cars. When the final round
                                                                                  was finished, it was John Harless
                                                                                  in the winner’s circle driving the
                                                                                  Grand-Prix Auto 392 Chrysler style
                                                                                  injected nitro powered dragster
                                                                                  owned by Jon Brook. John’s times
                                                                                  were in the low 6.20s in the mid 220
                                                                                  MPH range.

                                                                                    The second series race took place
                                                                                  at the well known March Meet
                                                                                  in Bakersfield, CA. In addition to
                                                                                  the five cars that ran in Phoenix,
                                                                                  three were added, John Evans
                                                                                  out of Salt Lake City, UT, Dennis
                                                                                  Allen from central CA and Chris
                                                                                  Bates out of Redding, CA. All three
                                                                                  were injected on nitro. It was at
                                                                                  this event that the first A/Fuel five
                                                                                  second passes were recorded. Kin
                                                                                  Bates and Drew Austin qualified
                                                                                  with a 5.97 and 5.99, respectively.
                                                                                  The race was not finished due to
                                                                                  bad weather. The final was run at a
                                                                                  later date with John Harless taking
                                                                                  the win over Kin Bates to become
                                                                                  the points leader.

                                                                                    The third and fourth events were
                                                                                  held at Sacramento Raceway in
                                                                                  early April and mid-June. The April
                                                                                  race was won by Drew Austin over

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