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Kin Bates, while the June event      TX, Charlie Smith’s blown 392 style    The sixth and final event to
        was won by Kin Bates over Drew       powered car out of Tulsa, OK with    decide the championship was held
        Austin, which gave each of them      long time dragster driver Jimmy      at the California Hot Rod Reunion
        one win in the series. Other entries   Scott at the wheel. Rudy Tomsich   in Bakersfield.
        were Dennis Allen, Rick Ewens and    brought his injected nitro burning,
        John Harless. At the conclusion of   Garry Wheeler driven Arias from        Two new cars to enter the A/
        4 A/Fuel events, John Harless was    Chesterland, OH. Bob Malloy and      Fuel wars were brought out for this
        leading in points with two wins.     the Beedy & Malloy team traveled     sixth and last event of the year.
                                                                                  They were Van Heskett with his
          The fifth race moved away from     from Alsip, IL with Dave Brown       blown Ford powered machine from
        the West Coast to John Harless’      driving, also injected on nitro. The   Sunland, CA with Kevin Robinson
        home drag strip – the NHRA           other three entries were Kin Bates,   doing the driving and “The Run-
        Heritage Series Nitro Nationals      Drew Austin and John Harless         a-Way 2” entry by Birky-Kumre
        was held in September at Tulsa       who were in a tight race for the     & Serb. Their BBC injected nitro
        Raceway Park. Four new A/Fuel        championship. The final had Kin      powered car is from Santa Rosa
        entries were present for the first   Bates over Drew Austin with a 5.97   CA. A third additional entry was
        time at this event. They were Ernie   at 231 MPH. At the conclusion of    Sabrina Kumre driving Dennis
        Williford’s blown SBC driven by      5 events Kin Bates had a slim 19     Murphy’s blown late model Hemi
        Ken Hawkins out of San Antonio,      point lead over Drew Austin.         powered A /Fueler. Sabrina drove

        In spite of losing their elimination round, Kin Bates Jr. and the crew were all smiles as they head down the
        return road to retrieve the car.
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