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this car in 7.00 Pro throughout the   John Harless at the hit in an elimination round on Sunday afternoon. Kneeling to the left
        2017 season before stepping up to    side is Jon Brook, owner of the car and owner of the Grand Prix Auto Sports Center in
        the A/Fuel class for this event.     Tulsa, OK.

          The points spread between the
        three injected nitro burners was
        close enough that any one of the
        three, Drew Austin, John Harless
        or Kin Bates could wind up the A/
        Fuel champion for 2017. On the first
        day of Qualifying Drew Austin laid
        down a 5.97 followed on the second
        day with Kin Bates blistering the
        track with an unreal 5.85 at 235.56
        MPH, becoming new A/Fuel speed
        and E.T. class records. Kin Bates
        raced his son Chris in the second
        round and dad advanced to the
        final. Their reaction times were
        almost identical - .096 for Kin and
        .097 for Chris with the elder Bates
        taking a very slight advantage. The
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