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race, heads up with no index!!!      such events across the country,      get them to come. The easiest way
                                             the motivation to achieve such a     to do that was to not make them
          Who came up with the Funny Car     feat was something I felt could be   spend money on expensive parts
        Chaos concept? Chris Graves - Mr.    achieved.                            to fit a rules program, don’t charge
        Max Cackle Photos – a thirty three                                        them an arm and a leg to get in,
        year old with a pure addiction to      Given the amount of Funny Cars     and pay them reasonable money for
        the sport of drag racing.            I knew existed around the area
                                             and across the country, combined     their efforts to attend. 
          Chris, how did Funny Car Chaos     with the lack of any sort of event
                                                                                     When I launched the news in
        evolve?                              for Funny Cars that appealed to      December, response was very

          I have always found interest in    the masses, primarily due to rules   positive and that kept my battery
        hosting drag races. My passion       packages, I saw massive potential    charged as I dove into really
        for drag racing is undeniable; it’s   in putting together an event which   making this happen.  As simple as
        my life, entirely. But to go above   would attract both the racers and    it sounds, the time and effort that
        levels most strive to achieve,                                            went into this deal was astonishing.
        organizing, promoting and hosting      People LOVE Funny Cars.            It was eight months of spending
        large events, has always caught      Hello??, who doesn’t! That part was   at least two to three hours per day
        my interest. Having attended         easy. Next I had to find a way to    on this event. It was six hours a

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