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day for the first few months, then   was on to something and I can’t      owner Gene Nicodemus, help from
        it settled down for a month or two,   thank Randy and the Red Line        countless friends and support from
        before ramping up to a 100% load     Shirt Club brand enough for          the racers, it all worked out!
        of nitro wide open at 1,000 foot.    believing in me. The sponsorship
        Analyzing ideas, answering phone     involvement really assured me          I knew we were in for an awesome
        calls, emails, considering the point   we would end up OK on the deal,    weekend when we closed the
        of view of the spectator, racer, track  from a promoters standpoint, while   kitchen down at the pre-race party
        owner, myself, all of it was just a   also offering over $27,000 in total   on Thursday night. The staff had
        mind storm on nitro.  I’m not sure   payout.                              to quit taking orders because the
        how I did it. It was a lot of work,                                       kitchen was so backed up. We had
        especially being the first event.      Once the payout was announced,     five or six cars on display and it was
                                             we attracted a few out of state      a great time. For what it’s worth,
          One day I was contacted by         cars, with the list at 26 cars pre-  the restaurant owner said they
        Randy Ranew with Red Line            entered online the week before the   sold more alcohol that night than
        Shirt Club and he wanted to find     event.  I knew all I had to do now   they ever had in one day since they
        out details about being the title    was EXECUTE this plan. With          opened five years ago. I guess drag
        sponsor. Say what? When I had        confidence and support from my       racers are extra thirsty!
        sponsors coming to me, I knew I      wife Tera, the trust from the track                 Continued on next page

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