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Chris Morel’s Reno, Nevada based “Little City Cuda” made it’s first ever appearance in Texas at Funny Car Chaos and after a semi-
        final finish, is ready to put one in the win column in 2018.
        elixir, nitro methane. The first     substituted it for the jet funny car.   at 192 MPH pass. This run placed
        round of funny car qualifying was    Sadly, this was the `Chattanooga     Ronny in the show at the number
        not scheduled until 8:00 PM that     Choo Choo’s` last ride. The          five spot. There was minimal
        evening so with my work for the      following week KC lost the Choo      damage to the body, but the chassis
        morning completed, I strolled over   Choo, his shop, toterhome and        didn’t fare so well. Ronny and the
        to the Bucket List AA/FC camp        stacker trailer to a devastating     Blue Max team were done for the
        and visited with old friends Gary    fire, caused by a short in the       weekend. At the end of a very long
        Doak, Nick Poloson, Tom Wood         refrigerator inside his toterhome.   round one qualifying session, Mark
        and the rest of the team for several   KC put on a great show for the     Sanders was sitting in the number
        hours. Some of you may remember      spectators at Funny Car Chaos.       one spot. 
        the old Bucket List funny car that   Information I have at this time,       Saturday morning dawned with
        burned to the ground last year at    the `Crazy Train` wheel stander      clear blue Texas skies and mild
        Tulsa with Dusty Rose suffering      survived.                            temperatures. The final round of
        severe burns to his hands and                                             qualifying was not scheduled until
        knees. After a year of recovery        After hours of anticipation, it    4:00 P.M, so once again, I strolled
        Dusty is on the mend and by the      was time for the first round of      through the pits making verbal
        time this goes to print he will have   Friday evening qualifying. Round   communications with spectators,
        had the final surgery on his right   one didn’t come off without some     participants, fellow photo
        hand.                                glitches, but like I always say,     journalists and a few pups (my four
                                             “its drag racing folks, expect the
          KC Jones was booked in with his    unexpected”. There were oil downs,   legged furry friend Bella comes to
        `Crazy Train` wheel stander and      fuel leaks and Ronny Young drove     mind) while snapping some frozen
                                                                                  in time memories.
        luckily had his `Chattanooga Choo    his Blue Max into the catch net
        Choo` jet dragster in the trailer and   due to late chutes after a great 3.82   By 4:00 P.M. the staging lanes

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