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A pair of nitro burning fuelers blast off the line in the final round of the ‘A’ field as Colorado’s Keith Jackson in the near lane takes on
        Washington’s Mark Sanders. The “Mr. Explosive” team was the final entry to the event, but first one to the winners circle!
        Cash Latta, Patty Latta,  David      gals worked their tails off.         Funny Car Chaos race. I’m honored
        Jeffries, Joe Ribuffo, Keith Burke,                                       to work with this group of misfits
        Klarissa Lemoine, David Rattan         I will now reach in and scrape     and call them friends. Wes Ramsey,
        (announcer), Robert Hicks            the bottom of the barrel. Drum       Russell Brown, Steve Scott, Brad
        (announcer), Gene Nicodemus          roll please! It’s time to mention the   Klaassen, Bob Snyder, Chris
        (owner of North Star Dragway),       triple AAA cast of photographers,    Graves, Tera Graves, Jason `Nubs`
        Chris & Tera Graves (promoters,      videographers and journalists on     Dunn, Steven Wilson, Mr. Dallas
        photographers). These guys and       hand to document the inaugural       Wilson, Martin Libhart, Tyler
                                                                                  Farris, Ken Bennett, Jason Bryant,
                                                                                  Keith Hudak, Jake Simmons
                                                                                  (videographer) and Trey “Nitro T”
                                                                                  Witowski (videographer).

                                                                                    A huge thank you to Randy
                                                                                  Ranew and his Red Line Shirt
                                                                                  Club as title sponsor of Funny Car
                                                                                  Chaos. Red Line has already signed
                                                                                  on for Funny Car Chaos events in
                                                                                     Dates are now confirmed for
                                                                                        Funny Car Chaos 2018.
                                                                                   April 27 - 28   MoKan Dragway
                                                                                   June 1 - 2    Amarillo Dragway
                                                                                   July 27 - 28     Central Illinois
                                                                                   Sept 14 - 15     North Star

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