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small out of the way track that’s respectably known as “Barona”
                                                   (named after the native Kumeyaay people and Padre Jose Barona).
                                                   Nestled within the isolated desert foothills north-east of San Diego;
                                                   when the gates opened it philosophically paralleled with the “rolling
                                                   away of the stone” on resurrection day! Every available space was
                                                   occupied with vintage dragstrip iron and the indelible history that
                                                   shadowed each rebirth.

                                                     The most prevalent fundamental of the event was the social
                                                   aspect; undoubtedly it was a gathering place of guardians and
                                                   preservationists! Every pit-camp was devoid of taped-off barriers
                                                   and car owners anxiously welcomed participants with a genuine
                                                   smile and hand-shake. There was no lack of excitement when the
                                                   inquisitive on-lookers prompted their questions; in which each was
                                                   answered with historic certainty and passion!

                                                     Sauntering about the property were dozens of International
                                                   Drag Racing Hall of Fame members, intermixing with an
                                                   uncounted number of iconic drag racing personalities, surviving
                                                   pioneers and spectators alike! Everyone was respectably
                                                   dependant on one another; and there was no room for the
                                                   uncompromising intellectual that has no connection to Drag
        Australian Nostalgia Funny Car pilot Steve Easton   Racing’s colorful past. A carefree spirit filled the air; carrying
        was on hand to show his support to fellow mate   with it the distinct fragrance of nitromethane, burn-out smoke
        Dennis Young and his Ash Marshal Top Fuel
        Dragster.                                                                                 Continued on page 37

          The beautifully restored “Antique Doll” Flathead Dragster started
          out life as the Scrima-Adams-Smith car over half a century ago.

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