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and the occasional scent of desert   every passing year the history of
        sage.                                Drag Racing’s legacy dwindles in
                                             a downward spiral. Keeping the
          Throughout the day as any one of   memories alive from one generation
        the 4-dozen cackle-cars felt inspired
        to pound their pistons, random fire-  to the next is critically imperative.
        ups and push-starts rallied within   The Nitro Revival audience was
        the souls of every nitro junkie on   an expo of devotees unfolding the
        the grounds! There was no racing     pages of the history books and
        taking place, although there were    doing just that!
        several exhibition passes made by      The climatic energy of the event
        various members of the Top Fuel,     was reserved for the “crackle-fiesta”
        Funny Car, AA/FA, 70-Pro and         that took place on the Barona
        Sportsman classes.
                                             launch-pad shortly after twilight.
          In the late afternoon there was a   The natural landscape echoed
        heavy-duty autograph session in the  nitro-vibrations from every car. As
        Crower hospitality tent; in addition   the raging sound split the silence of   To show his appreciation to Steve Gibbs
        to a meritorious awards ceremony     the night and the header-fire lit up   as the 2017 Tucson Drag Reunion Grand
        near the bleach box to honor those   the sky; it exemplified the legacy   Marshall, Red Greth presented him with
                                                                                  a hand-made plaque that honored the
        that made the magic happen. With                    Continued on next page  milestone.

        Joe Schubeck signaling to Steve Gibbs to grab some brake as the vintage slingshot comes to life. Gibbs grand-children, Justin and
        Steve Arias were excited to experience a fragment of the Golden Era of Drag Racing!
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