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seasoned staff did an exceptional
                                                                                  job with the facility management

                                                                                    Tragically Ron Johnson
                                                                                  transitioned into the coming world
                                                                                  ten days after witnessing the
                                                                                  overwhelming success of his vision
                                                                                  coming true. Over the years Ron
                                                                                  was a significant force in the cackle-
                                                                                  car community. He fostered several
                                                                                  events in addition to recreating
                                                                                  three legendary slingshot dragsters
                                                                                  from the past, and championing
                                                                                  one of the finest websites to support
                                                                                  the Cacklefest movement. His
                                                                                  contribution has left an enduring
                                                                                  endowment that will preserve his
                                                                                  legacy for generations to come.

                                                                                  Jason Rupert’s red, white and blue crew
                                                                                  staging the Rolling Thunder Nostalgia
                                                                                  Funny Car.

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