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The Chrysler 8-¾˝ rear end has       around the St. Louis area.  It had   floor and tunnel near the driver’s
        Strange axles, spool and gears       a pair of A990 fenders on the front   right foot needed to cover the
        with billet main caps, hung on       which I don’t use because of their   likes of only what an exploding
        1964 factory leaf springs.  10”      value and potential for damage,      Torqueflite can achieve.
        factory drum brakes on the rear      so I put a ‘64 front on as they were
        and Wilwood Dynalite disc brakes     my favorite year and front end         NMM - They both are beautiful
        in front.  I’ve got American Racing   sheet metal was often switched on   cars.  Tell us about the paint and
        Torq Thrust D wheels, 3” in front    altered wheelbase cars.  This car    lettering.
        and 7” in the rear mounting Mickey   was altered 2-½˝ in the back and 6˝    Steve - The car was painted and
        Thompson 29.5 x 9 x 15 stick shift   in the front, with leaf springs front   lettered nearly 30 years ago.  The
        slicks.  For safety I have 10’ Deist   and rear.  The tinwork consists    lettering is all hand painted - no
        crossform parachute with Deist       of the firewall and dash being       vinyl graphics - with hand-laid
        aluminized bag, 5-point RJS belts    replaced.                            24 karat gold leaf lettering done
        and a Halon fire extinguisher.                                            by Nadine of “Nadine Ward’s
                                               The rear is a ford 9” with strange
          NMM - And Jim, what about the      axles and disc brakes.  I use Torq   Signworks” in Wichita, KS.  [Note:
        “Big Iron?”                                                               Nadine Ward also is responsible
                                             Thrust wheels in front and 8” steel   for the beautiful and correct-to-
          Jim - I found the car in a         wheels in the rear with 10.5 x 30”   the-original lettering on many of
        backyard with knee-high grass        Mickey Thompson slicks.  The         the dragster re-creations built by
        grown up all around where it         trans is an ATI-built Powerglide.    Wichita’s Corey Conyers.]
        was parked in 1968.  It’s a 1965     The reason for the Powerglide is
        Belvedere that was raced in and      an original ugly patch panel on the    Jim - Nadine also lettered my car

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