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as well.  She did it with gold leaf   today’s standards, though.  The     with GRP aluminum rods and a
        which was out of the same packet     block is by World Products and       Crane roller cam.
        as is on the “Bad News” Dodge.       the crank is from Scat.  I use Arias
        This lady has lettered all my cars   pistons, GRP rods, and the cam is      The Injector is a 1966 date-
        for 40 years and it’s amazing she    one I’ve literally used for decades   coded Hilborn stack injector set-up
        still had the original pack after all   and is little more than a healthy   for nitro with a vintage Enderle
        this time!                           street grind.  Hilborn stacks on top   cam-driven 80A-1 fuel pump
                                             with an Enderle fuel pump.           upgraded with Teflon internals
          NMM - Now we’re going to                                                for nitro.  I’m using a mid-‘60s
        get into the powerplants of both       Steve - The engine in the          Vertex magneto upgraded to
        Steve Moth’s “Bad News” and Jim      “Bad News” is a Stage 3 vintage      3 amps with 8mm Vertex solid
        Henry’s “Big Iron.”  Jim, why don’t   aluminum Keith Black 426 Hemi       core wires and Autolite Top Fuel
        you go first…..                      block, with vintage Keith Black      spark plugs.  Jim Shewbert in
                                             D-port aluminum heads and
          Jim - In the past ten years I      Keith Black stock size valves with   Southern California gathered and
        trusted a couple of “known” engine   matching springs and Smith Bros.     assembled the engine in 2013 and
        builders to do some work and both    custom pushrods.  The new-old-       Ed Miller of Chesapeake, Virginia
        times it was a bad experience so     stock Keith Black top fuel crank     freshened it in 2017.  I perform all
        now I do all of my own engine work.   was prepped and stamped by Dave     the engine tuning, adjustments and
        My pet engine is a 488” hemi as      Zeuschel in 1967 for Bob Riggle’s    maintenance necessary that comes
        that was a common size we used       “Hemi Under Glass.”  It has a stock   with running nitro.
        in the late ‘60s.  It’s very mild by   bore and 4.25” stroke, Arias pistons              Continued on next page

                                                                                  RACE PROVEN
                                                                                  RACE PROVEN


             Ideal for racing, street performance, marine and off-road use.
             MOROSO offers a full line of Accumulators and accessories for your
             application, usage and ease of installation.                                        No. 23900

             PART #  DESCRIPTION
             No. 23900 Accumulator, 3 quart capacity,   Pressurized                Pressurized Air Moves
             20-1/4"x 4-1/4" cylinder              Air         Reserve Oil         Piston to Discharge
             No. 23901 Accumulator, 1.5 quart capacity,                            Reserve Oil from
             10"x 4-1/4" cylinder               Piston                             Accumulator
             No. 23902 Heavy Duty Accumulator,
             3 quart capacity, 23"x 4-1/4" cylinder                              Oil Moved Away From
             No. 23903 Heavy Duty Accumulator,                                   Oil Pump & Pick-Up
             1.5 quart capacity, 12"x 4-1/4" cylinder                  Oil Pump   by Deceleration,
                                                                       & Pickup  Hard-Braking, etc.

                                                      MOROSO PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS, INC.
                                                      MOROSO PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS, INC.
                                            phone 203.453.6571 • tech 203.458.0542 •
                                            phone 203.453.6571 • tech 203.458.0542 •

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