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many track’s staff totally clueless    NMM - Any friends among your         NMM - Who are your crew
        as to what a true nostalgia event    fellow A/FX competitors?             members on your cars?
        should be.  I say, get off your duff
        and research what a true nostalgia     Jim - Yeah, a few.  Steve and his    Jim - We have a great crew
        event should be and replicate it.  If   wife, Kay.  Brad Thompson out of   consisting of Carl Myers out of
        it’s done right, racers will gain your   Sanger, Texas has a great altered   Kansas City, James Cooper from
        respect and you’ll make a lot of     wheelbase Pontiac and here in        here in town and family members
        money at the gate and concession,    Wichita we have John Clark with a    Brent Henry, Wyatt Henry and
        it’s that simple.  If I were to put on a   Chevy ll.
        race I’d put a 12” ruler on a string at   Steve - My mentor and best        Steve - My wife, Kay, is my Crew
        the gate and have a sign that says:    friend Jim along with his son,     Chief; that’s it…just her and me.
        If your tires are wider than this    Brent.  Sadly, last year he lost his   She also has her own YouTube
        stick is long, go home - you’re at the   other son Brett in a racing accident.    Channel with all of our videotaped
        wrong event.                         Also, Dennis Mothershed with his     runs.  Just search “Kay Moths” for

          Steve - The A/FX class is          “Rebel from Hell”  ’65 Plymouth A/   them.
        beginning to explode with cars, but   FX.  Dennis is the owner of Victory   NMM - Are there any sponsors
        the sad part is that most all of them   Driveline Components.             either of you would like to mention?
        are being built as street cars on      NMM - Tell us about plans for
        gas with electronic injection, late   the 2018 season.                      Jim - There is only one painted
        suspension upgrades and wheels                                            on the car (laughs).  It says, “C.L.
        and tire combinations with perfect     Steve - We hope to make the trip   Henry’s Skelly Service, Wichita,
        body and paint combinations.         to Bakersfield Dragfest in April     Kansas.”  That was my ninety-two-
        Bracket cars you might say.          and then back to Union County,       year-old dad’s gas station back in
                                             South Carolina for the “Steel in     the 1960s.
 SUPPORT THE MADNESS…  who currently own the real Tasca   Motion” event in May.   In July we’ll   but I would like to thank Dennis
          There are two guys in Bakersfield
                                                                                    Steve - We do it all out of pocket,
                                             go to Byron, Illinois for the vintage
        ”Mystery 8” A/FX  Mustang and
        they are putting an authentic A/     “Meltdown Drags” and Wichita,        Mothershed and his Victory
                                             Kansas for another match race
        FX class together with very tight    with Jim at Mo-Kan Dragway in        Driveline Co. for supplying my
                                                                                  driveshaft, u-joints and billet yoke.
 SUPPORT PRINTING AND MAILING   rules to fit 1965–1967 authenticity   October.  We then finish the year in   John West Engines of Raleigh for
 NITRO MADNESS MAGAZINE —    classification.  They’ll have an   Richmond, Virginia at the “Mopar   my Powerglide build and Pro Stock
        event for the class in April at
 ORDER YOUR NEW T-SHIRTS TODAY!  Bakersfield called “Dragfest.”    Madness” event with a match race   Champion “Ed Miller Enterprises”
                                             against Ed Miller and his Pro Stock
 • PURPLE OR GRAY  Currently, Jim’s “Big Iron” A/FX   1970 Plymouth Hemi Duster re-  for my hemi’s update last year.  Jim
                                                                                  Shewbert in California for my hemi
 • KID SIZES — MEDIUM AND LARGE  is authentic to 1967 and runs 90%   creation.    build in 2013.  Gary Early of “Early
        nitro with ¼-mile elapsed times in
 •  ADULT SIZES — SMALL, MEDIUM,   the mid-eights and my “Bad News”   Jim - We should be on the road   Custom Rods” in Raleigh, North

 LARGE, XL, 2XL AND 3XL  is authentic to 1965 and runs nine-  to Texas by March 1st to test after   Carolina for the roll bar update and
                                                                                  Lexan windows installation (2006)
        flat on 46% nitro.  Both cars will   putting it all back together from    and Mike Wall, also in Raleigh,
 ORDER ONLINE AT   be used as the blueprints for the   the winter teardown.  In April,   for the custom hand-built zoomie
 WWW.NITROMADNESS.COM  class.  I’m humbled to hear guys   we’ll also make the tow out to   headers (2006).
        who grew up with the A/FX cars       Bakersfield for Dragfest.  We will
        tell me we are doing it exactly the   be in Julesburg, Colorado in August   NMM - We’ve all had those
        way it was done fifty-five years ago   for the Third Annual Tri-State     funny or occasional less-than-
 Only   and it brings back great memories    Hot Rod Revival and Mo-Kan in        humorous experiences at the races
 Nitro Madness Magazine  $15.00  for them.  It doesn’t get any better   October for the match race with   or while traveling to or from them.
 9451 Swanson Blvd., Des Moines, IA 50325  Plus S&H  than that.  Steve.                          Continued on next page
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