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Care to share any you might have?    her shoes loose and her socks got    fans.  About the time you were
                                             stuck and they too came off.  I had   halfway back from Denver or
          Steve - Kay is my Crew Chief,      the best seat in the house for this
        but with pulling me to the starting   show and started laughing so hard   Dallas, all sunburned and full of
        line and back to the pits with her   I had tears filling up my goggles    the aforementioned refreshments,
        golf cart, filming every run, having   and couldn’t see very well.  I had   you’d often suddenly see red and
        my tools at the ready for between    to stop backing up and see if she    blue lights in the rear view mirror
        round maintenance and helping        could gather her stuff up and go on,   and the trooper every single time
        me fuel the car after every run,     but she just tossed her shoes over   would walk up and say, Boy, I
        she is not able to back me up after   the wall and threw her hands in the   always wanted to see one of them
        a burnout, so we have Cassandra      air in an “I give up” gesture and    things up close!  We knew the drill:
        Hicks as our back-up girl (BUG) at   climbed back over the wall, leaving   Get out, walk mostly straight and
        most events.                         her socks stuck to the track and me   give friendly answers about the car;
                                             to do my driving without a co-pilot   say bye and get the flip out’a there.
          At one particular event we
        were without Cassandra so Kay        (laughs).                              NMM - Jim Henry and Steve
        volunteered her services as my new     Jim - Probably a few that should   Moths, it’s been a pleasure talking
        BUG.  Well, I did my usual half-     not be told but here’s one:  In the   to you about racing and these
        track burnout at which time she      sixties, most everybody towed        great cars of yours.  We thank you
        climbed over the wall, ran in front   their dragsters on open trailers.    for your time and particularly the
        of the car and started to do her     Since lots of teams would like to    dedication you both have for the
        thing helping me stay in my tracks   have a few cold ones while towing    class you represent as well as the
        when her shoes got stuck to the      – especially after a win – there was   passion to keep what you bring to
        track and her feet came out of her   a problem in that a lot of highway   the drag strip today as close to the
        shoes.  She then bent down to pull   patrolmen were ravenous top fuel     original as possible.

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