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By Connell R. Miller

          Shortly after our sport of drag    That got her dad involved in what    a “better mousetrap” paid off in
        racing began, people started         became his own lifetime of racing,   the creation of the ProJack line of
        looking for ways to commemorate      with Kim and her brothers growing  various types of lifts that are now
        their car, team or a particular event.   up in it.                        in use by every full-time NHRA
        In the early days it was a T-shirt,                                       team and many of the sportsman,
        embroidered jacket or bumper           Gary Marjama, Kim’s dad, in        nostalgia and street car racers.
        sticker.  The scope of racing        the 1980s worked part-time on        Even a number of NASCAR teams
        souvenirs has expanded immensely     Darrell Gwynn’s dragster.  His       use the ProJack lift systems in their
        ever since, with screen-printed      job at the races was to put the car   shops.
        T-shirts still at the foundation but   on the jack stands, a sometimes
        hundreds of additional different     laborious process that always had      When it became time to decide on
        items now ratcheting it into a       him thinking of a better way to      a career, Kim knew the only thing
        mega-business.  Coffee cups, mugs,   accomplish the task.  After a couple  that she wanted to do was work for
        koozies, banners and signs, hero     of years his determination to build                 Continued on next page
        cards, racing photographs, hoodies,
        halter top shirts, gloves and used
        signed parts and tires are just a few
        of the items for sale by many of the
        race teams; some even sporting a
        separate trailer just to transport
        their souvenirs from race to race.

          One of the newer items to be
        presented to our fans (actually of
        any type of motorsports as you’ll
        read) came about as one of those
        “lightbulb-clicks-on” moments a
        little over a year ago by a member
        of an old family of drag racers, Kim
        Marjama-Cervelli.  Kim’s life in the
        sport goes back two generations to
        her grandfather who used to race
        in California back in the ‘50s and
        ‘60s.  Eventually the family moved
        to Minnesota, where he continued
        to race all around the Midwest.

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