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her dad.  She now manages ProJack  Kim makes all of the signs at
        while her dad is semi-retired.  The   night and on weekends after
        company has been very successful,    her day working for ProJack
        but one day she came up with an      is finished.  When asked
        idea for her own sideline business.    about the process involved
        While mowing the lawn, Kim           in the actual making of the
        noticed her neighbor, who had a      signs she said, “I first paint
        business making signs to sell and    or stain the wood and then,
        restoring furniture, was out in her   depending on whether it’s
        driveway painting one of her signs.    my own idea or a customer’s
        Riding back and forth on the lawn    order, I’ll paint the phrase
        mower and continuing to glance       and/or race car on it.  The
        over at the neighbor’s handiwork,    next step is to frame it out.
        she knew she really liked the style   Then I’ll destress the sign to
        of what she made, but didn’t care    give it a vintage, farmhouse
        anything about what the messages     look.”
        on them said.  Continuing to think
        about it, a plan soon came to her:     When asked about the
        I can make signs like that with a    marketing of her signs, she
        racing theme!                        replied:  “I came up with the
                                             idea about a week before I
          Farmhouse Racing Signs thus        was going to go to the NMCA
        was introduced to the world.  In     race in Norwalk, Ohio in
        the true hot rodding spirit, it      August of 2017.  From the
        became a garage project, where       time I came up with the idea

                                                                                  to the time I left for the race I had
                                                                                  made four signs.  I brought the
                                                                                  signs with me to Norwalk and had
                                                                                  them on display at the back of our
                                                                                  pit.  A lot of people came by and
                                                                                  were looking at them and I sold all
                                                                                  four.  Then I went to the NMCA
                                                                                  race in Indy, and made more signs
                                                                                  with some new designs and ended
                                                                                  up selling eight of them there.
                                                                                  Next was the National Open in Indy
                                                                                  where I sold twelve signs.  After
                                                                                  that, it was now fall and the end of
                                                                                  our racing season, so I decided to
                                                                                  put them on Facebook.  With the
                                                                                  help from Tommy Johnson Jr., he
                                                                                  got me to start an Etsy shop.  Etsy
                                                                                  is an online marketplace for people
                                                                                  to sell their homemade products.”

                                                                                    Even though most of her
                                                                                  customer base is primarily drag

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