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racers, she has had orders requesting a change from
        “Drag Racing” to “Dirt Racing” as well as a few that     HERO CARDS
        specified merely “Racing.”  She has made quite a few
        custom-lettered or logoed signs for people that were
        Christmas and Valentine’s Day gifts for others.  The        WILKENS  /  LEYDA    Owner: Dale “Lurch” Wilkens is 54 years old and resides in Independence, Kansas with his fiance Marsha. He   Team Hemi Hunter
                                                                                         started racing in 1975 while in the United Stated Army, stationed at Ft. Riley, Kansas and was racing a 1970 Z-28
                                                                                         Camaro. He campaigned a 165” Rod Stucky FED during the 80’s while racing in the AHRA Top Comp Class. Lurch placed
                                                                                         in the Championship Bracket Racing Association in 1987 and 88 and built his first altered in 1989. Dale campaigned
                                                                                                              Owner: Dale “Lurch” Wilkens
        cost of her signs varies between $15 and $75, with most                          and aircraft owner. He owns a Cessna 182 which was judged Outstanding Cessna 182 at the Oshkosh, Wisconsin Fly-in in   Hometown: Bartlesville, Oklahoma
                                                                                         blown altereds all thru the 90’s and in 1996 won the first Outlaw Fuel Altered Association race. Dale is also a private pilot
                                                                                                             Hometown: Independence, Kansas
                                                                                                              Driver: Aaron “AA’ron” Leyda
                                                                                         2003. He is also an FAA certified A&P aircraft mechanic. Near the end of the 2009 season Dale brought out his new “HEMI
                                                                                         HUNTER” AA/FA with new driver Aaron Leyda. With the A-Field win in Eddyville, Iowa in August 2010 the Hemi Hunter
                                                                                         Team became the 2010  WOLRD FUEL ALTERED CHAMPIONS.
                                                                                                           Team Members:  Larry Deering, Marsha Girard
                                                                                                              John Wilson & Caleb Wilkens
                                                                                        Driver:  “AA’ron” is 33 years old and resides in Bartlesville, Oklahoma with his wife Chika and new son Nathan.
        selling for around $35.  Shipping averages about $8-                            run of 7.04 @ 201 MPH in a 200” front engine dragster with a blown BBC motor. Aaron was the crew chief for Dale    Car Specifications
                                                                                        He has been employed at The Car Shop in Independence, Kansas with Dale since the age of 15, and drag racing has been
                                                                                                           Home Track: Mo-Kan Dragway, Asbury Missouri
                                                                                        a huge part of his life since. During the early 90’s he had two early model Chevelles which he bracket raced on a regular
                                                                                        basis. Teamed with a Lurch owned car, Aaron won the 2004 Nitro Nostalgia Nationals in Tulsa Oklahoma with a career best
                                                                                                              Chassis: 2006 Holzman
                                                                                        during many of the early years and began driving of the Hemi Hunter AA/FA at the midpoint of the 2009 season.
                                                                                                                Body: 23T
                                                                                        Nitro Shine Auto Detail    Motor: 526 Rodeck
        $10.  Kim tries to hold to a five to seven day window on                        Royal Purple          Horsepower: Knot-e-nuff..
                                                                                        The Car Shop Inc.
                                                                                                              Transmission: Powerglide
                                                                                        Paul Oakleaf, Attorney
                                                                                        Photos by Chris Graves  (aka..... need MO-NITRO)
                                                                                        Max Cackle Photography
        shipping custom orders, but could take a little longer                          Visit us at
        in the winter time as she has to work in a cold garage
        when the temps take a dip.                                                     Royal Purple • The Carshop Inc. • Holzman Race Cars • Outlaw Fuel Altereds • Mo-Kan Dragway • Max Cackle Photography
                                                                    2010 WORLD FUEL ALTERED NATIONALS CHAMPION • 2010 OFAA ROOKIE OF THE YEAR • 2010 #4 OVERALL FINISHER OFAA
          When asked about expanding her business with new
        products, Kim told us, “No, not really.  Even though I’ll             1000 - 8.5”x11” Cards
        be making some with Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian        Full Color 2 sides on 12pt. Gloss Cover Stock
        themes that I’ll have displayed in a booth this summer                $275.00 plus shipping
        in a small town in Minnesota, I think I will just stick
        with making signs with the racing theme.  I’ve made              Additional cost for  design - call
        them for people that had nothing to do with racing,
        but it made me realize that, while I can make signs for
        anything….drag racing is still my passion!”                 Contact Scott Gaulter at Specialty Graphics
        For more information, contact Kim at                             515-727-1444 – ext.11                                    

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