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          Brett Henry was 50 years old. He was the
        consummate family man, with a close-knit family that
        has demonstrated incredible strength and friendship
        during their time of loss. It is a strength that many of
        us can only hope we have in a difficult and tragic time     HONDA                                              ®
        such as this. His published obituary went on to say
        “Brett loved fishing, hunting, drag racing, working in                                                  NEW
        his shop, playing outside with the kids, or watching one
        of many beautiful Kansas sunsets. Above all, he was
        a loving husband, father, son, and brother; his family
        always came first”. A clear indication of the love and
        respect that many had for this man, it was estimated
        that five hundred or more individuals attended his           4 BARREL                               Excellent
                                          Continued on next page                                            Durability

                                                                                                         Monster Mesh TM

                                                                                   We Do
                                                                    BILLET           It All      Huge amounts of premium

                                                                                                 quality filter media for
                                                                                                 minimum pressure drop.
                                                                                                       Precisely Repeatable
                                                                                                                       High Speed
                                                                                          Our CUSTOM
                                                                                           Made Manifolds
                                                                                                Set Records!

                                                                                                        Quick Disconnect
                                                                  12AN  &  8AN Fuel Rail
                                                                  Largest on the Market
                                                                                            WORLD’S      Kinsler Leak Tester
                                                                                            Largest      Check engine leakage;
                                                                                                Stocking     barrel valve setting.
                                                                                                         Most accurate and
                                                                     BLOWER HATS
                                                                                                         repeatable on the market

                                                                     Read         EXCELLENT               Nozzles
                                                                  ©                                     Custom Size

                                                                 Monster          FOR  EFI
                                                                 Mesh TM                EFI Injectors, Lucas Metering Units, and all
                                                                 Filter                 makes of Pressure Relief Valves need 3 micron
                                                                                        protection, but 3 micron filters plug up too quickly,
                                                                                                  so most racers use 10 micron, which is too
                                                                                                      coarse.  We made this new element for
                                                                                                       NASCAR Cup cars: 10 micron premium
                         Nick Davies in “Havoc” at the hit in the                                    paper top layer to take out 95% of the dirt,
                         final elimination round.  Davies took the                                   with a 3 micron precision Fiberglass lower
                                    win and the championship.       10/3 Element
                                                                                                     layer. Details: home page.
                                                                   Tel: 248-362-1145
                                                                     Handbook/Catalog  at
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