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           VALVE SPRINGS                     765-742-8494
           FOR ALL APPLICATIONS              800-428-7891
                                         Fax: 765-742-1363
                                                                  Let the professionals at Callies pair
                                                                  your cranksha� with all the proper
                                                                  bo�om end components.  Fully
                                                                  balanced and ready to assemble
                                                                  rota�ng assemblies from Callies
                                                                  not only save you �me and money,
                                                                  they provide the peace of mind
                                                                  that your components are
                                                                  that your components are
                                                                  matched for compa�bility, giving
           Bob Kamp, Owner          4014 Farmington Dr. N         you a trouble free project.
               Lafayette, IN 47905

         •  Designed for racers with stacker trailers
          and towing with a motorhome.
         •  Built to survive the rough highways
          and long miles while protecting
          your motorhome investment.                             Check our website for a complete list
         •  Nothing protects your coach or                               of products and services
          tows smoother than a Trailer Toad.
         •  All you need is a weight distribution                           651-481-9612
          hitch. If you don’t have one, we can
          provide that as well.                              
                       5000SD - $3995.00 • 3500HD - $3395.00

          • Flowed Fuel Systems  • Blower Repair
          • Gear Fuel Pumps        • Engine Diapers
          • Blower Restraints      • Transmission Blankets
               Don Gerardot (260) 623-3048
          P.O. Box 223, 108 W. Barnhart St, Monroeville, IN 46773

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