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5      Holley Hot Rod Reunion

                                                                    By Martin Libhart

                                                             13  Guy Tipton Interview

                                                                    By Connell R. Miller

                                                             21  J Michael Race Cars
                                                                    By Connell R. Miller

                                                             31  Back to Basics

        Publisher & Editor                                          By Jeff Arend
        Scott Gaulter

        Dean Adams             Martin Libhart                38  Funny How Thing Change
        Jeff Arend           Connell R. Miller
        Darrell Conrad                                              By Darrell Conrad

        Darrell Conrad          Pam Conrad                   55  Life at the Barrier
        Martin Libhart       Connell R. Miller
        Guy Tipton                                                  By Darrell Conrad
        Graphic Designer
        Tony Siembieda                                       65  Injected Nitro Fuel Systems

        Pressmen                                                    By Dean Adams
        Jacob Boland
        Charly Garton
        Asmir Goretic                                        71  Nitromethane Regulations
        Advertising Information:                                    By The Department of Homeland Security
        Carmen Price
        Phone: 714-276-5288

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        Scott Gaulter
        Phone: 515-727-1444 ext. 11
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