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not ready for a huge commitment
            but want to try it out part time, I
            suggest looking for a smaller nitro
            team or an alcohol team that may
            be in your area. They are usually
            looking for volunteer help at the
            shop and track and it’s a great way
            to get your foot in the door to see if
            you enjoy it.

              Landing a driving job is certainly
            a lot harder and usually requires
            that you bringing some $$$ to
            the table, whether it’s yours or a
            sponsors. A marketing or social
            media background is going to
            be important and you will need
            to network as much as possible.
            Obviously depending on what you
            want to drive, you will need a racing
            license. If you don’t have a car
            available to get licensed, I would
            recommend instruction at Frank
            Hawley’s Drag Racing School, just      Now with this being said it is     After he completed the class, he
            to see if you have what it takes! I   certainly not impossible. I had a   said he was ready. I discussed this
            have worked for Frank on and off     guy contact me several years ago     with Frank and while he did get a
            for almost 20 years in sales and also   and wanted my advice on how to    license we decided that it would be
            as an instructor. Typical customers
            at Frank Hawley’s School are racers   go about driving a big show Funny   a good idea to take the class again
            that have purchased an entire        Car. He had attended Frank’s         and get 6 more laps of valuable seat
            blown alcohol team. They attend      Super Comp School a couple of        time. It’s better to make a mistake
            the school and assuming they can     years prior to his call. I suggested   in a car that costs $1,000 per run
            get through the Super Comp class;    that he take the Nostalgia Funny     than one that costs $7,000+ per run!
            they hop in a Top Alcohol Funny      Car class and then I would talk to   After completing the class again,
            Car and realize that maybe they got  Del about getting him licensed in    Del and I met him at Bakersfield
            in a bit over their head.            the Worsham family Funny Car.        to start the licensing process. He

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