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Story by Hal Sanguinetti • Photos by Bob Snyder
              Without exception, Fuel Altereds   these creations, but today there are   With events that compete on a full
            are some of the most exciting        only a few left.                     quarter mile, the nitro percentage is
            cars in all of motorsports. Their                                         limited to help keep parity between
            personality, color schemes and         In the mid 2000’s, having been     the cars.
            design set them apart from every     asked by multiple tracks in the
                                                                                        Based in the Southwest, this
            other type of racing vehicle. Hot    Southwest about booking-in altereds   year the WFA will have events in
                                                 as additional entertainment to
            rodders created this phenomenon
            during the 1950s by bolting large    the main show, all events were       Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado.
                                                 by invitation only.  As these races
                                                                                      The series usually holds about 6
            V8-engines into small compact        gained in popularity, it was decided   races a year with a series champion
            type cars. As time passed both the   that the class should be opened up   crowned each year. Previous
            chassis and engines became more      for others to participate.           champions include Jim Maroney,
            sophisticated. By the 1970’s the                                          Dean Oberg, Eric Gates, Lyle
            cars were reaching speeds of over      In 2010 the Western Fuel Altereds   Greenburg and Mitch Bowen.
            200 mph in the quarter mile. The     (WFA) organization was created
            fans loved these high horsepower,    by Jim Maroney. Although mostly        The WFA does not run on an
            unpredictable machines. During       consisting of blown alcohol cars,    index.  They compete on a heads-up,
            their zenith, there were hundreds of   nitromethane is also allowed.      first one to the finish line format.

                                                                                                      DEAN OBERG

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