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cloud of smoke and dust. We were     As you might expect, it created      very early Monday morning, the
        all stunned, still not knowing what   some slight relief to all, but the   information began to appear on
        had actually happened or which       lengthy time it took to ultimately   social media that we had lost Brett
        car had unexpectedly re-fired.       transport Brett to the hospital      as a result of this tragic incident.
        With a period of complete silence,   and to make repairs to barriers      For those of us that personally knew
        including the race announcer, we     suggested what we already knew –     Brett, this was stunning news that
        waited to hear who was involved,     that this was a terrible accident.   we did not want to hear, nor did
        and what had just occurred. After
        some time had passed, we learned       Over the next twelve hours or      we ever imagine that we would. It
        that it was Brett Henry’s Iron       so, we would hear brief reports      was impossible to comprehend – to
        Mistress that had experienced a      that Brett was injured and was       even imagine that this could happen
        horrific incident, that emergency    in surgery, but on Sunday - the      to someone who loved this sport
        personnel were with him, and that    final day of racing - we learned     dearly, and was loved by all who
        he was talking to those responders.   little additional information. Then   knew him.

        6                                         Nitro Madness Magazine                                 Spring 2018
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