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dollars if it’s below that.  We don’t
        charge our customers shipping.

          “Another advantage is with our
        sales people.  They are all very
        knowledgeable gearheads and
        know the products they sell.  Most
        importantly, whatever the customer
        wants or needs, our guys will make
        sure they recommend the correct
        part for that particular application.

          “We carry the best products and
        sell them as low as we can and our
        customer base reaches all across
        the United States as well as abroad.
        The scope of our inventory of parts
        and services for street, drag strip,
        off-road or circle track applications   A lot of racing experience with these three:  Top Dragster competitor Bob Alberty Jr.; his
        is huge and the way we conduct our   dad, Bob Sr. of “Thunderin’ Okie” TA/FC fame and Rick Balentine, former Dick Moritz
                                             F/C crew chief and honcho with Dick’s St. Moritz clutch manufacturing.
        business tells you why we’ve been    one or is having problems keeping    spectating or racing at one of the
        around for fifty years!”
                                             their doors open!  My thanks to Jon   city’s venues, stop by and meet
          Great advice for anyone in a       Brook and Grand Prix Auto Service  Jon and see his operation.
        business, contemplating starting     Center.  If you’re visiting Tulsa,

         The Best Value in drag racing Data Loggers                                            configurations

                                                                                              are no problem!
                                               Digital Dash - $620                            Choose any of the

                                               •  Six programmable pages for displaying all    following sensors
                                                data logger sensors                                Engine RPM
                                               •  Three programmable warning lights               Driveshaft RPM
                                               BASIC SYSTEMS start at $588                         Clutch RPM
                                                                                                   EGT’s (1-8)
         NITROUS PROMOD                        RPM Pro download & graphing software                 O2’s (1-8)
                                               included at no charge!                              Shock Travel
                                               NITROUS PROMOD - $2299                             Boost Pressure
                                                                                                  Fuel Pressure
                                               • 3 RPM’s             • Nitrous Bottle Pressure     Oil Pressure
                                               • 8 EGT’s             • 3 Digitals                 Trans Pressure
                                               • G-Meter             • 1 Shock Travel Sensor     Exhaust Pressure
                                               • Carb Fuel Pressure   • RPM Pro Software
         PRO BLOWER                                                                              Nitrous Pressure
                                               • Nitrous Fuel Pressure   • All sensors and cables
                                                                                                  Coolant Temp
                                               PRO BLOWER - $2269                                   Air Temp
                                               • 3 RPM’s             • Fuel Pressure               Intake Temp
                                               • G-Meter             • Oil Pressure                Trans Temp
                                               • 8 EGT’s             • RPM Pro Software             Tire Temp
                                               • Boost Pressure      • All sensors and cables      Track Temp
                                                                                                 Forward G-Meter
                                                                Data Logger Specialist            Lateral G-Meter
                                                                      since 1992                  Fuel Flowmeter
                                                                                                 Throttle Position
         Call us at 405-495-0454 or visit us on the web at                           Vacuum
         7213 NW 3rd Street • Oklahoma City, OK 73127                       MADE IN The USA        Head Temp

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