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                                  •  Designed for use in dragsters,
                                   funny cars, pro stock, truck, or
                                   tractor pulls
                                  •  Build to meet S.F.I. specs 6.1,
                                   6.2 or 6.3 and are approved by
                                   all major sanctioning bodies
                                  •  Custom machined and drilled to
                                   your specifications for almost          Dragster and altered chassis
                                   any combination of engine,
                                   transmission, or clutch                Custom race car components
                                  •  Available with an optional      1102 Fuller Ave • Pocola, OK 74902
                                   inspection cover to allow for
                                   “between the rounds” clutch
                                   adjustments                   For advertising information contact:
                                                                         Carmen Price at 714-276-5288

                                                                                                  • FALL 2016 •
                                                                                                               MIKE KUHL &
                                                                                                               CARL OLSON
                                                                                                               TWO NITRO WARRIORS
                                                                                                               FROM LIONS DRAG STRIP
                                                                                                           • FALL 2017 •
                                                                                                          ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED
                                         MADE IN USA                                           Photo by Chris Graves  DES MOINES, IA PERMIT NO. 50  PAID  U.S. POSTAGE  PRSRT STD
          CNC Machining  I  6519 Eastland Rd., Suite 101  I  Brookpark, Ohio 44142
                       Ph 440.243.7585  I  Fax 440.243.5667
        I                                    Photo by Pam Conrad  PAID  PERMIT NO. 50  U.S. POSTAGE  PRSRT STD  DES MOINES, IA  ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED

                                                                                Manufacturers and

                                                                    Wholesale Distributors of

                                                                          Driveline Components

                                                                             Transmission Yokes,

                                                                       Diff. Yokes, Driveshafts

                                                                                         and Hardware

                                                                            The Best Quality and

                                                                                   Value In America

                                                                         Call 515-282-9996 for

                                                                       your nearest distributor

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