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Story and photos by Geoff Stunkard
              The raceplant at Bowling Green,    midwestern fans did just that on     TOP FUEL
            Kentucky has always been unique.     Father’s Day weekend this year for     Since the show is on a Thursday-
            Built on a peninsular turn in the    the 15th Annual Holley Hot Rod       Friday-Saturday schedule, things
            Barren River that gave it the name   Reunion. With a large field of show   got underway for front engine
            ‘Beech Bend,’ it is almost quaint    cars and lot of displays, even car   thunder Thursday afternoon
            with low covered grandstands, an     people not into actually ‘racing’    despite rain in the forecast. James
            adjacent circle track and rustic     would be happy. However, for         Young and his Wisconsin-based
            camping facilities. But its lack of   those of us who think alcohol’s for   ‘Young Guns’ team was ready to
            pomp makes it a terrific place to    drinkin’ and gasoline’s for washin’
            watch historical and nostalgia drag   parts, it was when Top Fuel cackled
            racing action, and thousands of      that things got interesting.

 The most accurate adjustable   Patent Pending

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 • 702-376-4473  ONLY ONE INCH THICK!  Fall 2017   Nitro Madness Magazine                             51
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